Batman: Arkham City panel summary (NYCC)

Today Rocksteady held a panel for Batman: Arkham City, which hits shelves this Tuesday, October 18th. A number of topics were discussed during the session, however the news that brought up one of the biggest reactions was that of the games length. According to game director Sefton Hill, a single playthrough of the game will take up to 30 hours. Thats more than double Arkham Asylum’s length. Including challenge maps, there seems to be more than enough to keep bat fans occupied for a while. The length won’t just mean more of the same either. The game world will be five times the size of the original, with double the moves and animation (and from what I can tell, double the gadgets too).

The crowd was then treated to a demo of the game and it looks outstanding. With help from Alfred via satellite (acting as Oracle did in the first game), Batman had to glide across the city to find the source of the Joker’s radio signal. The might have been a slow leisurely stroll before, but now with the dive and swoop mechanic, Batman practically flies through the air at high speeds. We also saw Bats pick off a few groups of thugs, showcasing almost an entirely new moveset. Dual enemy attacks, catching barrels a throwing them back, and lets not forget behind the back grappling enemies and hurling them back for a knockout blow. From what I’ve seen, this game is on it’s way to outperforming the greatest superhero game of all time.

Video from the panel will be available next week.

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