Terra Nova Panel (NYCC)

Terra Nova had their panel at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, and explained a big difference between this show and other shows that try to follow the “Lost” style of storytelling. According to executive producer Brannon Braga, early intentions will be revealed between Jim, Taylor, and the sixers by the end of the 2 hour finale which is tentatively scheduled to air on December 19th.

Jason O’Mara (Jim), added that they are using different method of adding mythology through a TV series than Lost did. All questions will be answered more quickly, and more directly as well. Stephen Lang (Taylor), describes the whole first season as a sort of pilot for the series. Don’t worry about knowing everything about the show though, because it sounds like questions will be answered quickly, but new questions will come right in to replace them.

Another idea the panel revealed was the direction of the type of show they are trying to create. We got to watch this Monday’s episode, “The Runaway,” and there was a noticeable lack of dinosaurs. Over the entire episode we saw one dinosaur on screen for about one minute tops. The episode was still very good overall, and apparently this was by design. Braga suggests that the ultimate goal is to turn the show into a mystery that does not necessarily need dinosaurs. For those of you that absolutely need dinosaurs in your primetime TV, O’Mara later put those concerns to rest, revealing that in a later episode we see a baby dinosaur being born in the hospital. Can’t wait for the mama to start looking for her kid!

Terra Nova airs Mondays at 8:00pm on FOX.

Video will be available this week.

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