Making my Halloween Costume

Hey ladies and ghouls,

Today is Halloween, and we’ll be going to the NYC Halloween Parade tonight. We’ll have pictures and video from tonight’s festivities later on, but until then I figured I would show you what I’ll be going as, along with how I did it. This year I’ll be going as one of my favorite Transformers, Jazz. Without getting to nerdy he’s a robot that turns into a car. Not only did I want to be the robot, but I always wanted to be able to turn into the car, and not have the costume keep me from getting around Manhattan. Not an easy feat.

So how did this:                                     Turn into this?:








Well, like this:

Not a 100% success. Can’t totally transform. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t nail the robot mode and that’s good enough for me. Going to the parade? Maybe I’ll see you there. If not have a happy Halloween anyway.

Eat candy!

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