Transformers Masterpiece Collection Reissuing Again?

The announcement of a remodeled Starscream has me at odds with my favorite toy line.

I love the Transformers Masterpiece Collection. It’s the exact type of toy that I wanted when I was a kid and they make great collectables now (as well as great stop motion movies). Since it started in 2003 the had an incredibly strong run with a near perfect Optimus Prime, followed by Starscream and then a Megatron that, while a little odd in robot mode, had an outstanding oversized Walther P38 alternate mode.  After a number of repaints turning Optimus figures into Ultra Magnus, Starscream into Skywarp and Thundercracker among other variants, Takara/Hasbro continued the nostalgia trip with Grimlock (my favorite of the line so far), and Rodimus Prime. All of the molds had character, gimmicks, and all the extra goodies you can ask for (KREMZEEK!).

However, the last two announced figures aren’t bringing me nearly the same excitement.

MP-03 Starscream 2006

First was a remake of Optimus Prime in September. Made more to scale with the rest of the line, which was smaller and significantly lighter than the mostly die-cast giant MP-01, was welcomed in a way but not necessarily needed. It’s great that there was new Optimus Prime that had a more G1 cartoon look and fit in better with the other figures, but there were still so many different characters the fans wanted. Soundwave? Galvatron? A fully realized armored Ultra Magnus? To pay a top dollar (over $250) for a character collectors already had seemed a little much. All this did was make me more anxious to find out what the next addition would be, which I assumed would be another new character.

Well boy was I wrong. In October Takara announced that next in line would be a remake of

MP-11 Starscream 2011

Starscream. Again making a more cartoon accurate figure, do we really need to remake these characters again? Is MP-12 going to be a new Megatron? The original Prime mold was released in 2003, so redesigning it 8 years later can be understood. But Starscream wasn’t out until 2006, and now 5 years later it is being redone? It was even a similar size to the rest of the line and is lighter so they can’t have the same reasons as with Prime. There have to be better uses of time. Even Bumblebee could use the Masterpiece treatment. Forget about my dream of 5 Masterpiece Constructicon molds that fit together to form a 3 foot Devastator.

The Transformers Universe is so large that staying just with old standbys is simply foolish. I’m still interested in what Takara comes out with next. However now I’m more skeptical than I am excited over it.

Shockwave anyone?

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