Reveal Highlights from the VGA’s

Spike’s Video Game Awards were this weekend, and since no one really cares who win’s the awards, they jam pack the thing with debut trailers and reveals. As always some of them caught my eye, and some of them made me want to close my eyes and go to sleep.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Of course I’m leading off with Transformers. First announced at the NYCC, the only thing we really knew going in was that Grimlock was in it. In this trailer we get a few more glimpses of what to expect. First off, BRUTICUS! Something tells me however that Grimlock and Bruticus are going to get the same treatment as Omega Supreme and Trypticon in War for Cybertron, meaning that they will be heavily promoted, but ultimately non-playable boss fights. Bruticus would certainly be too overpowered and by the early look of Grimlock next to Optimus, he may be too. Our only hope might be if we got to play as one against the other (maybe multiplayer?). Other than that it looks like there could be a bigger emphasis on close combat. I’d also like to know why they are still on Cybertron since the first game did such a good job of getting them on their way to Earth. I don’t even know why I’m complaining though when I know damn well I’ll be pre-ordering regardless.

The Last of Us

Easily the most anticipated game heading into the VGA’s, this PS3 exclusive had everyone buzzing based on nothing more than 2 screenshots and old news footage. When the trailer finally debuted we finally found out what the hell we were so excited about. A beautiful looking surival horror type game from the same guys that brought us the Uncharted series.


Look, I’m sure it’ll be good, but I’ve seen this type of trailer too many times before (hello Dead Island) do we really need another game where you’re among a small ragtag group of survivors fighting zombies against all odds in an apocalyptic environment? I’m personally growing numb to the big reveal shot of how desolate a once thriving big city has become. Knowing Naughty Dog there will be huge set pieces, plot twists, and on point controls. I just hope there is a fresh take on the story too.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

HO-LEE CRAP! What a difference a new lead character makes. So much awesome in this trailer it’s almost beyond words. Dismemberment? Check. Cyborgs? Check. Giant robots? Giant check. Pretty much everything you know about playing Metal Gear looks like it’s thrown right out the window. Watching Raiden in action makes me wonder why we’ve been spending so much time sneaking around as Snake for 20 years. I’m getting a very Ninja Gaiden vibe from the trailer, and I’m sure there will be plenty of cut scenes. I’ll sit through pretty much anything though to slice a guy into a million pieces, so bring it on!

Mass Effect 3

I never played Mass Effect before but I do know it’s a big deal that it’s on it’s way. I don’t know the significance of what I saw, but I do know that we have some third person play, a lot of running, apparently not a lot of shooting, really big robots, really big monsters fighting those robots, and a planet looks doomed. Yes it looks really good, but is it worth saying that about games anymore? In this age of HD-3D graphics and big budget games, isn’t every big title supposed to look gorgeous by now? I think I’ll hold off on talking about how a game looks for those occasions when a game really looks like garbage.

Diablo 3

Another series I should probably check out. Interesting move showing the opening cinematic. Like where the story is going but based on this alone the gameplay would appear to be similar to my Old Testament final paper research in college. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, and I can say one other thing, that girl’s uncle is TOAST!

The Rest

The Amazing Spider-Man will be bad of course but it’s interesting going to an open world again and we got a lot of good looks at the new costume.

Rainbow Six: Patriots showed me one thing. A old man getting got!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD could be a big step forward for the franchise. Just like Sonic, the best way to being good again is to go back to basics. Updated graphics and with old school gameplay. This might be the last gasp for Tony Hawk games.

Any games I missed that you’re looking forward too? Comment and let me know

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