New “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron” Screenshots

Activision recently released some new screenshots from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to 2010’s War for Cybertron. The game isn’t due out until this fall but these screenshots have some fairly interesting details about where the game is going.

First we have a good shot of Shockwave, Megatron’s guardian of Cybertron. He looks pretty close to his G1 form here, but I’d imagine that like with Megatron and Soundwave, he too will transform into some type of vehicle instead of his typical laser gun.

Next we have what looks like Cliff Jumper using what appears to be a new flamethrower weapon. I’m sure there will be more new toys to follow. I could be jumping the gun here, but none of these shots depict any team based fighting, which was a big part of the previous game. Is it possible that there will be a focus on solo missions this time around?

There are also a few images of Optimus Prime, Jazz and Starscream in action. The main thing I take from those is the lighting. War for Cybertron was very dark and dingy. Here however we clearly see a sun in the background, along with much brighter backdrops. Since it doesn’t exactly look like they are fighting on Earth, this either means that the end of the last game caused a shift in Cybertron’s orbit making it gravitate closer to another solar system (perhaps ours?), or they just did all their fighting at night last time. Either way I think it is a nice change of pace. It certainly works for Uncharted.

Finally there is the guy that has led the marketing campaign so far, Grimlock. We have a couple of shots of him in both robot and dinosaur mode, looking great of course. The main thing I am excited about however is that he is fighting drones. I had feared early on that due to his size in the trailer, he would be regulated to a final boss in the decepticon campaign, much like Omega Supreme and Trypticon were utilized in War for Cybertron after being featured in the trailers. But is he is fighting drones, that makes it much more likely that Grimlock will be a fully playable character, meaning that we will finally get to bash brains! Fall can’t come fast enough.

Full gallery below.

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