Transformers Prime Season 2 Trailer

Transformers Prime comes back to The Hub with season 2 on February 18th, and an extended trailer has been released to promote it. I was a big fan of the first season last year. It combined the G1 and Michael Bay versions, as well as having a story that had some fairly legit drama and adult overtones while still being a kids’ show. Essentially It’s something parents can watch with their kids.

The first season ended with Optimus Prime using the Matrix of Leadership to defeat Unicron, who in this version isn’t just on earth, but he basically is the earth. Subduing him did some damage to Optimus’ memory, bringing him back to when he and Megatron were friends. Basically Optimus is now a decepticon to start season 2. Here is the trailer:

A couple of notes:
1) By the look of things Ratchet takes over as team leader. This is only based on him saying “roll out” in the trailer, which if you ask Rodimus, is all you need to do to be leader.
2) The key to Vector Sigma definitely plays a role here. Optimus gave it to Jack at the end of season 1. Maybe that is what brings his memories back. It is unclear exactly what the key does in this series, but it has generally given some sort of life to machines.
3) Following suit with the G1 series, the humans (at least Jack) go to space. Why he specifically needs to go to space to help fight off giant robots with lasers is anyone’s guess, but it probably has to do with the key. Maybe he doesn’t trust Arcee with it?

Either way I’ll be setting my DVD to record it on February 18th. It’s a Saturday night and even I’m not so nerdy that I’ll stay home just for Transformers Prime.

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