Spider-Douche at the Giants Parade and other Super Bowl notes

Yesterday the New York Giants celebrated their second Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots in 4 years with a parade through the canyon of heroes in Manhattan. By now a lot of you have probably seen this lovely Giants fan. But you probably missed this Spider-Man wannabe that tried to creep into a window filled with women:

A few other Super Bowl notes from a Patriots fan living in New York (yeah you heard me):

Did you notice how little the non-game story lines were brought up during the game? The Tyree catch was shown once before the game started. Tyree himself was only shown once and that was not after the Manningham catch at the end that couldn’t have resembled it any more. Gisele was also only shown once early, although that is by Brady’s request. Meanwhile Peyton Manning, the future hall of fame Quarterback drawing a ton of attention for his feud with the Colts, brother of Eli Manning during the Superbowl in his team’s stadium, was not shown at all. Surprising effort by NBC to keep the cameras on the field. Even Gronkowski’s only got brought up a few times during the game.

As long as we are talking about Gisele, do you think Tom Brady ripped her a new one for throwing the team under the bus (seemingly to reporters with Vince Wilfork’s wife next to her). Forget about the fact that Brady got called for intentional grounding on the Patriots’ first offensive play of the game for a safety, or that he underthrew Gronkowski leading to an interception, or that he could have made a better throw to a wide open Welker that could have sealed a win in the 4th. She should know better. The Giselle curse lives on.

Finally, anyone else notice what a mediocre experience this Super Bowl was from top to bottom? The game was okay. Nobody played outstanding. Nobody was terrible. The biggest play was an over the shoulder sideline catch (great play, but no helmet catch by any means). The winning touchdown was scored by mistake. The commercials were mostly tame, and the ones that did stand out we had already seen so there was no wow factor (thanks internet). Madonna was meh. There just weren’t any moments that really stood out from this Super Bowl. Well, except for Aaron Hernandez’s touchdown celebration. Maybe the most sneaky good celebration ever. I had to watch it again before I realized he was breaking into a vault to do his normal “make it rain” dance. Just fantastic.

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