Well it’s that time of year! NBA All Star Weekend. To get you in the mood for tonight let’s take a look back at SOME memorable highlights from past events!

Dunk Contest Highlights

Jason Richardson 2003 (Off the glass and through the legs)

Gerald Green 2008 (It’s your Birthday)

Andre Iguodala  2006 (Behind the backboard)

Dwight Howard breaks out Superman 2008

Spud Webb!

Nate Robinson Dunks over Spud Webb in 2006!

Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest! (Can’t just show one)

Blake Griffin and more 2011

Nice Mix of Dunks!

Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins (Greatest contest match up ever?)

3 Point Contest Highlights

Dirk Nowitzki 2006

Larry Bird 1988

Craig Hodges makes 19 in a row 1991!

Jason Kapono gets 25 in 2008!

My Predictions For Tonight

Dunk Contest: Jeremy Evans #LetJeremyDunk

Why did I pick Jeremy? Because he barely plays and I’m sure he’ll be well rested. Just Kidding. I saw the videos he posted trying to get into the contest and he looks to have some skills.

3 Point Contest: Anthony Morrow

I’m not picking him just because he’s on the Nets (My favorite team) I think he has the perfect shot to win it. If he is hot early there is no chance he loses. Plus he’ll be paying tribute to Net legend Drazen Petrovic by wearing his number 3. How cool is that!

Skills Competition: Deron Williams

“Here’s looking at you Dwight” Where Brooklyn at?


Well that’s it for me. Enjoy the festivities!


  1. Drazen is my favourite player of all time. Cool that he will be remembered. He was the mozart of basketball :).

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