UFC 144 Japan: Edgar vs. Henderson Predictions!

Not only is it NBA All Star Weekend, We have the return of UFC to Japan!. I’m guessing this one has one of the most exciting main events in awhile. Edgar vs. Henderson could go down as fight of the year. Here are some QUICK predictions for tonight’s fights.

Pettis vs. Lauzon

I’m going to have to go with Pettis here. I think he is more well rounded and after the way he handled Jeremy Stephens you can see he’s putting it all together. Pettis via Unanimous Decision.

Anthony Pettis and "The Showtime Kick"

Hioki vs. Palaszewski

I was not impressed with Hioki’s debut against Roop. Like many others I felt he lost that decision. Bart is coming off a great showing with a TKO of Tyson Griffin. I think he’ll do the same to Hioki. Palaszewki 2nd round KO

Okami vs. Boetsch

After the Silva fight in Brazil I wasn’t sure I could ever pick Okami again. Let’s be honest though, He looked awful because he was fighting Anderson Silva. Losing to the spider happens a lot so we’ll give him a pass.That being said Okami is usually good for a Unanimous Decision. When I first saw this match up I thought Boetsch could take it. Since he’s dropped down to middle weight he’s been a beast. Last night I saw them weigh in and wow I didn’t realize how much bigger Okami was then Boetsch. I figured since Boetsch had been a Light Heavyweight they’d be close in size. Now I’m kind of thinking Okami by decision but to make it interesting I’ll stick with Boetsch getting the victory by Split Decision.

Akiyama vs. Shields

Sexyama and Shields are most likely fighting for their contracts. I think this is a bad fight for Sexyama. I see Jake taking him down and keeping him there winning by Decision. Shields UD.

Can Shields return to form?

Hunt vs. Kongo

Well I think the fight that everyone is expecting won’t happen. I don’t see Kongo standing with Hunt. If they do stand I see a Hunt KO. I don’t believe that will happen though. Similar to how Kongo took down Mitrione in the 3rd round of their fight I see Kongo doing that pretty early on with Hunt and getting the TKO. Kongo via TKO round 2.

Rampage vs. Bader

Before I found out that Rampage missed weight I had him winning by KO. Now I hear he has an injury and the weight cut had a huge effect on him. You are probably thinking I’m going with Bader now. I’m not. I like Bader and think he has the power to KO anyone but the mental side of fighting “Rampage” Jackson is where I think the difference is. I don’t know if Bader has that confidence he can beat Jackson. I think Bader looks to play it safe and gets caught. Rampage KO 2nd round.

Would love to see an epic Rampage Slam!

Edgar vs. Henderson

Not only may this be fight of the night but I also believe it could be fight of the year. It’s hard to choose between these two because I like them so much. Either could be great champions in a stacked 55 division. It’s hard to go against Frankie when you see all that he’s gone through while still winning fights. Some say he takes a lot of damage and that will catch up to him but so far so good. He has the best heart in the UFC. He’s been beating guys he hasn’t supposed to for awhile now. He deserves more attention then he gets. Henderson is equally as impressive. Not only was he great in the WEC but he has been in beast mode since losing that decision to Anthony Pettis. He’s big and athletic and can probably match Frankies gas tank. As hard as it is to pick someone to win in this fight I have to go with Edgar. I feel he’ll be able to get in and out and use combinations staying away from the powerful Henderson. I believe that these two can be the next great rivalry and it wouldn’t shock me to see either win. Edgar by Split Decision.

Edgar vs. Henderson II anyone?? HAHA with Frankie's luck.

Fight Of The Night: Edgar vs. Henderson

Sub Of The Night: Tiequan Zhang

KO Of The Night: Bart Palaszewski


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