Five 80’s Cartoons That Need To Make A Comeback

GI Joe is back, so is Voltron, My Little Pony too. Hell, Transformers never even left. It’s not breaking news to say that 80’s cartoon revivals are trending right now. So many of the shows I grew up on are back, and most of them are pretty good (Thundercats! HOOOO!). However there are still a few that for some reason have not made the journey back on TV…yet. Here are the ones I think need to be brought back immediately.

Robot bird people that fly in spaceships and can also play a mean guitar solo! How did Silverhawks only last one season? Probably because it was a Thundercats clone and not as good. But that doesn’t have to mean anything now when TV and movies are all about drying the well (have enough vampire shows yet?). I don’t even care if they make new episodes, if they can just play this intro for 22 minutes once a week I’m in.

To be fair I could put the entire Disney weekday block on the list (Gummie Bears, Chip n’ Dale etc) but of all of them, DuckTales was the glue that held it all together. Is there a show that got more right during it’s run? Four seasons, which is a big deal for the 80’s,

Rainbow Brite
I have to be fair to both sides of the gender pool don’t I? Let’s face it, Rainbow Brite was pretty damn big. It also shows an independent girl that doesn’t have to be a tomboy. Even further, it birthed one of the more classic slutty Halloween costumes of this generation. My hat is off to you Rainbow Brite. Now check it this version of the intro that explains the entire story in such a way that you almost have to be high as a kite to follow.

Back to the action! Centurions could easily be the inspiration for Michael Bay’s work. Three brawny dudes putting on tech suits and blowing up everything in site. The toys meanwhile could be the male equivalent to a Barbie doll. You can basically just buy one of the three and then get all the other suits and accessorize!

Captain N the Gamemaster
Was there ever a better idea? Grab the top names from the NES library (except for Mario and Zelda who had their own shows) and team them up with an everyman from the real world. Can’t miss. I’m not saying they should bring back Mega Man and Simon Belmont, but how about putting Rayman, Sackboy, Ratchet and Clank and Lara Croft. Wanna tell me you wouldn’t watch those adventures?

Any shows that I missed? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

4 thoughts on “Five 80’s Cartoons That Need To Make A Comeback”

    1. If by “Max” you mean Fantastic Max I’m totally with you. If you mean The Maxx, then I’m even more with you

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