Hoverboards and Flying Deloreans Exist!

Back to the Future fans have been getting treated to all kinds of goodies lately. The Blu-ray collection was released, a video game was developed, and Marty’s Nike Mag sneakers were put up for auction. Well now we can add two more things to the revival.

Does not work on water

First is the Hoverboard by Mattel. MattyCollector.com did a great job with its revision of the Masters of the Universe line, and previously made a replica on the Delorean for the San Diego Comic Con. Now they are stepping their game up with a full scale prop repilca. For $120 bucks you can get this glorified plastic board with all the bells and whistles from the movie (including “whooshing sound”). This is one of those items my wife and I will have a heated debate over purchasing.

While the Hoverboard is available through retail, the flying Delorean is a home made project. Some people in Russia put their heads together and made an RC Model flying Delorean (with lights for night time travel). I’m not sure if it runs on garbage or plutonium, but I am sure that it’s awesome. They released a video showing some development shots along with it in action. Check it out (Thanks to Krister for bringing it to my attention):

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