All Marvel Films ‘Assembled’ into an Avengers Movie Marathon

Do you love the Marvel Universe? I mean do you REALLY love it? Well you can test the limits of your Marvel obsession on May 3rd, because AMC Theaters will be having a marathon showing all 5 of the previous Marvel Studios pictures (Iron Man through Captain America) with the long awaited Avengers movie to be shown at the end. Throw in some Marvel 3-D glasses and a $5 AMC gift card, and you’re getting a fairly decent value for 40 bucks. The only question is, can you stand to be in a movie theater for 15 hours with a bunch of nerds watching six movies, five of which you have already seen.

For a list of theaters showing the marathon, click here.

I’m personally on the fence right now. I’ll definitely be seeing The Avengers on Thursday at midnight, but I’m not sure if I really want to get to the theater at 11:30am and watch all the other movies to do it. Can I leave the theater to get food? With all the other geeks be in costume? Then there is the idea of getting a second person to agree to go with you. So many things have to go right to make it worth it.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay 40 bucks to watch six movies in one sitting?

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