Blood Makes a Cameo in an Otherwise Uneventful Raw

If you watched Monday Night Raw last night you pretty much saw the same show you did last week with one exception. Blood! If you haven’t seen it already, you can pretty much skip watching the entire show except for the first ten minutes. Brock Lesnar came out as the “new face of the WWE” according to Johnny Ace, and before he could get to saying anything (which is for the best) John Cena came out and smacked him in the face, starting an all out brawl. For some reason the entire WWE roster felt they needed to break this up, so Cena and Brock are put into opposing corners by 20 men each and next thing you know, Cena’s mouth is all kinds of busted! Intentionally or not (and I have to guess it was since how the hell do you get busted open in a fake brawl), it was pretty cool to see blood get back into ring twice in two weeks (if you count WrestleMania).

Previously scene last week

With all that said, Extreme Rules will feature another Cena vs “Insert Legend Here” match, now against Lesnar. That’s all fine, I’m just curious why he can’t start a feud with anyone on the current roster. I don’t even really count Kane since he’s just around to deliver a key chokeslam occasionally. I’m not complaining about him being booked with other brutes so the more talented wrestlers can face each other instead, I’m just getting a little bored of seeing John Cena jumped by old men in jump suits that’s all.

Like a said before, with few other exceptions this was a rehash of last weeks Raw. Punk lost to Mark Henry by DQ instead of count out this time so he still retains the title despite getting whooped, and Jericho again poured alcohol (this time beer) on an injured Punk. Henry now gets a third match for the title next week, with no count outs or disqualifications.  I had thought this would end up on the PPV card but if they are doing it next week, for the third week in a row, I don’t know if they will do it again. Perhaps as a rematch if Punk loses but I don’t know. They are also pushing the Jericho feud so it can go either way. At this point I’m still thinking Henry/Punk with a Punk/Jericho rematch at the next PPV.


To wrap up the rest of the last week, we could also be heading toward a Big Show/Rhodes rematch. Sheamus vs Del Rio is all but official. Daniel Bryan dumped AJ putting him in the weird position of complete heel that everyone loves. Dolph Ziggler (my guy) could sell a dead tree, and it turns out Brodus Clay too. The fans refuse to forget that Lord Tensai is really Prince Albert no matter how little body hair he has, and the WWE Universe hates the new Three Stooges movie as much as I do. We’ll see how full of crap I am next week when everything I said is proved wrong with a Punk/Sheamus title for title match.

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