There is a LOT of ‘Avengers’ Footage Out Right Now

‘The Avengers” movie is still three weeks away from hitting theaters, but lately a whole lot of footage has been released. Actors are showing clips on talk shows, features are being leaked, and new commercials are starting to pop up like flowers in the spring. With that in mind let’s throw as much of the footage together as we can and see if we can make anything out of the plot of this movie that has remained pretty good at keeping a lot of details private considering it has been teased since 2008.

First the trailers:

Now on to the new stuff:

Of course we can’t really take much out of this we couldn’t have already guessed. Things gets bad, secret bases get compromised, the group is arguing with each other and so on and so on. Based on everything I see and hear, my main worry is that it takes so long to get everyone in one room together that we really only see the Avengers “assembled” for about 20 minutes, with only half of that actually involving fighting. That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be plenty of action, but if I want to see these guys fight on their own I can watch the solo movies.

What do you make of all this? Have theories of your own? Do you know anything I don’t (likely)? Sound off in the comments below and we’ll see who’s right on May 4th!

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