Ninja Turtles Movie, Thundercats TV Show Both in Trouble

Two of my favorite 80s cartoon properties both appear to be in trouble.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot (just titled: Ninja Turtles), which was set to hit theaters in December of 2013, has stopped production due to issues with the script. TMNT fans were pretty much outraged when it was discovered that the teenage and the mutant aspects of the characters would be dropped completely, turning the turtles into aliens from another planet. This backlash could be partially behind why the Michael Bay produced film is being put on hold. Ninja Turtles is now scheduled to be released in May of 2014, but I won’t believe anything until I at least see a teaser.

We hardly knew you

Meanwhile in TV land the Thundercats animated series, which is wrapping up it’s first season this weekend, will be wrapping up it’s final season this weekend as well (insert nine lives joke here). Cartoon Network unveiled it’s new and returning shows today, and Thundercats was nowhere to be found. Combined with the fact that the Thundercats were absent from this years ToyFair, it’s pretty safe to say we’ve seen the last of Lion-O and the gang. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed this show. They put a slightly different angle on familiar characters to keep it new, but they didn’t go so far from the source material that the nostalgia factor was gone. More importantly the story was solid and the animation was good. Cartoon Network seems to prefer adding to the DC block of shows instead, adding Beware the Batman among it’s other new programming.

I’m not sure if it was due to poor ratings (initial numbers decent) or production costs (it has to be more expensive than The Looney Tunes Show) but I’d be curious to see if Nickelodeon or maybe even The Hub take a shot at bringing Thundercats to their network for a new season. It seems tailor made for the Hub but Nicktoons has had success with Voltron Force, so neither would surprise me. As for the Ninja Turtles movie, the only thing they need to go to get back in everyone’s good graces is to put them in the sewer where they belong. X-Men Origins: Wolverine should be all the proof you need that straying too far from the source material is a very bad idea.

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