Thoughts from Money in the Bank and Raw #999

I figure that recapping 24 hours of wrestling a week after it happened is a little ridiculous, so instead I’ll just drop some quick reactions now that I’ve finally gotten to watch Money in the Bank and the following Raw.

It’s about damn time!

Dolph Ziggler wins Smackdown MITB Match
I thought the Sin Cara botch off the top rope was bad. Then I saw Lord Tensai. Good lord what a crappy pair of wrestlers. It also seems that everyone is beginning to appreciate Ziggler the way I do. The crowd absolutely loves him and was behind him whenever he got close to winning. Couldn’t be happier that he won in the end. Nobody takes harder hits and he is ready to go to the next level. Overall a good match with plenty of big moments.

The Phoenix crowd also popped for the Miz returning as well. Pretty sure The Marine 2 is going to suck, but it’s good to have him back. WWE needs reliable heels like him. Especially when Sin Cara and Tensai are stinking it up in the ring.

Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Del Rio must have been told to add some personality to his in ring persona because he’s been more animated that I remember him being in a while. Not a bad match but the pace was too slow. Especially coming off the MITB match. Picked up a bit with the finish, but overall a predictable and at times boring match. Crowd cheering for Ziggler was awesome, especially the pop when he finally came out. I would have lost it if he actually cashed in and lost though.

All you need to know about the tag match is that AW was the only thing that worked. Some of his comments were actually kinda funny. Match went way too long though.

CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship
Digging Bryan’s new hobo jacket. Of course these guys have a great match. They are the best in the business and they compliment each other well. Plus they’ve been in the ring with each other so much it would be hard not to have excellent chemistry. Fast, precise, creative, high impact. Great stuff. I just want to know what the point of AJ being a ref was. Just like when Laurinaitis was guest referee, AJ barely had any impact at all.

By the way, Ryback actually took a bump. Still not getting over though.


John Cena wins RAW MITB match
Much to my surprise this match got off to a great start. Cena hitting an AA on Show through the announce table was pretty damn cool. Interesting to see everyone else bury him with all the ladders. A lot more throwing ladders overall. Completely different that the first MITB match. More about power moves. Still good though. Big Show’s big ladder is hilarious. Finish was strong too. Show staring down Jericho was great but I’m pretty sure Cena wasn’t supposed to win at the moment he did. Looked like he was supposed to finish taking down Show before pulling off the case. Made for a more authentic reaction from Cena. Good PPV overall. Sheamus/Del Rio was the closest thing to a dud and even that was okay. Minimal complaints.

Monday Night Raw Episode #999
With the 1000th episode of RAW next, you wouldn’t expect much to actually happen this week and that’s pretty much what happened. Not much. Rey Mysterio did come back though and immediately got into it with Del Rio. Maybe this means we can get Sin Cara out of here. Heath Slater got to lose to Rikishi, and Rikishi dancing with his sons the Usos was a nice touch. Rumors were that Daniel Bryan could go face, and that seems to be what is happening with him proposing (with ring!) to AJ and they’ll be getting married next week (of course). Jericho could also be in for a face turn and feud with Ziggler. Predictably Cena isn’t going to take advantage of an injured champ with his MITB case (which is why I didn’t want him winning). So he’ll face Punk next week in what may be the only match we see on Raw’s 1000th episode. Cena winning the title on the landmark episode would be soooooooooooo WWE. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

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