Jerry Lawler Awake In Hospital After Heart Attack (PHOTO)

Updates are circulating all over the place about the improving condition of Jerry “The King” Lawler, who suffered a heart attack on Raw this past Monday night. Lawler, who was at one point clinically dead for 20 minutes, is now awake and has been contacting close friends and family. This included WWE announcer Michael Cole, who was next to Jerry when he collapsed and provided updates on his condition during the show. He says Jerry is in great spirits and Lawler told him “The strap will be coming down soon!”

The Pro Wrestling SpOtLight has posted this image of Jerry Lawler on its facebook page. It was originally aired by a Memphis TV station with Lawler’s permission. For a guy that just had a heart attack, he’s looking pretty good:

The biggest fears were put to rest as Lawler showed no signs of brain damage, and apparently he’ll be allowed to wrestle again at some point too. I’m not sure that’s such a great idea but this is definitely all good news for the Lawler family.

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