How Long Will John Cena Really Be Out?

On Tuesday John Cena saw Dr James Andrews (yes, the one baseball fans fear) to have surgery on his elbow to remove bone chips from his elbow. This is true. Anything reported after that is a little up in the air.

Initially said that he would be out for 2-3 weeks. Plenty of time to come back and be ready for Hell in a Cell, which is 6 weeks away. Not so fast. Cena himself went to twitter yesterday, correcting the company controlled website to say he would in fact be out 6 weeks instead (uh oh). Now is saying that Cena will be out 6-8 weeks. Cena also rolled his ankle over during Night of Champions and had many other nagging injuries that needed rest and treatment, so with the bigger window between events this seems like a good a time as any to take the time off. This all seems legit until you get to the part where Cena goes on this rant about

“Some #jackwagon from @wwe dotcom apparently posted me recovering in 14 days. I spoke in depth with my surgeon Dr James Andrews….And he specifically told me due to the amount of fragmentation, SIX WEEKS is a safer time table for recovery. I apologize on behalf of a Website whos credibility is now equal to #theonion please @wweweb guys, get your monkey frankin facts straight! You folks have my word i will try my best to get healthy as quick as i can, and im sure i wont stay away from #raw but as of now…I am supposed to lay low for SIX WEEKS. I will send surgery photos and video to @wwe so they can see how bad it really was..I am also sure that if @wwe took a second to reach out to the actual surgeon, that Dr Andrews would gladly comment. Ok, im now off the soap box and back to being just a one armed man. Enjoy your day.”

A little un-Cena like don’t you think? He apologized for the rant today but he’s not one to go out attacking the company. Plus it’s not like this is ESPN seeking out information and being misinformed. The WWE controls everything that goes on They can say whatever they want because it’s their company. To think that they would just get it wrong is a little hard to believe. Adding to the cloudiness of the situation Cena, while he won’t be appearing in house shows (which sucks for my nephews who are going to a house show with me and my brother this weekend), will still be a part of Raw each week and is starting work with NXT.

It had originally been thought that Cena would miss time after Extreme Rules in April when he actually did say goodbye at the end of the show, suffering an injury on the same arm he had surgery on Tuesday. Instead he performed for another five months. I’m going to speculate a bit here, but I have a feeling that the 2-3 week time table might be the actual recovery time and that the rest is a work. They want to make it look like Cena will miss Hell in a Cell, so that he gets a bigger pop when all of a sudden he’s facing CM Punk when we was supposed to still be injured. The only mistake that jack wagon at may have made was reporting the truth.

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