Punk Lashed Out Against Pushy Fan on Raw 2 Nights Ago

Best in the World?

According to various YouTube Videos, and an official statement on wwe.com, this past Monday on Raw ended in another controversial event. I want to start this blog out with saying that everything I am about to say is not part of the “WWE Entertainment Product”. In short, its real.

Two nights ago on Monday as Raw was preparing to go off the air, CM Punk proceeded to exit through the crowd with his tail between his legs as Mike put it last blog. Precisely at the time when Vince McMahon issued Punk his ultimatum, Punk broke character and struck a fan with the back of his hand in the stands area. Apparently (as wwe.com puts it) the victim of the slap tried to rally his fellow wrestling fans in an attempt to push Punk down the stairs of the arena. The victim then proceeded to push Phil Brooks (I’m using Punks real name because this is a real event) several times in the back, even hitting him in the kidney. Brooks then smacked the disgruntled fan in the face with the back of his hand.

There is a YouTube video circulating around the internet documenting the incident. As it looks on tape (or digital whatever) WWEs statement is true. Brooks was being pushed so he retaliated. But its rule number one in the wrestling business. NEVER EVER BREAK CHARACTER. If I was Brooks, I would have at least tried to walk down the steps a little to the security guard walking up as seen by the video. Let him deal with it. After all, he’s not the WWE F’n Champion! Your the top guy Brooks! You can’t go around slapping every fan that gives you heat! All part of the job! If the Rock Had done that back in the Corporation days, he would have been locked up 10 years already! But then he would never have made the Tooth Fairy. Maybe it would have worked out.

This is obviously getting a lot of media attention because everyone loves to crap on wrestling. Wwe.com issued a statement today indicating how sorry Brooks is for the incident and how he is happy no one got hurt. Aside from being a complete break of character, I am curious how this will effect Brooks’ character CM Punk. Will he drop the title? Will he take a suspension? Will the fan press charges? Tough to tell now, we’ll just have to tune into Raw next week and see what happens. I am also curious to see if Brooks will come out as Punk and apologize. What do you think?

The Video:

One thought on “Punk Lashed Out Against Pushy Fan on Raw 2 Nights Ago”

  1. A couple of added points. The video shows that the guy who Punk hit wasn’t actually the one who pushed him. So some little punk (no pun intended) is getting away with murder here. So now that guy does have a case and is apparently taking legal action. I’d bet my WWE ice cream bars that they settle and go forward like it never happened.

    The other thing is that this isn’t that out of character for Brooks. First off he’s a heel at the moment and lashing out at the fans is perk #1. Not to this degree of course but still. This is not the first time he’s been short with fans:

    He’ll probably pay a fine and a settlement. Maybe some community servie. But I’d be absolutely floored if he was stripped of the belt or missed a single show.

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