Tales Of An Expectant Dad: Week 36

47a3dc06b3127cce98548cbf068000000035108AaMnDFm1YudOn November 5th 2012, my wife gave birth to our first child. During the pregnancy I decided that I would write about the experience. Every week since I have documented all of the events that took place throughout this time, along with my thoughts on them. Now that I can confirm that our baby is happy and healthy, I will share those thoughts with you.

Week 36 – Going Solo At A Wedding

This week was very much about nesting. Jess wanted the apartment cleaned up and organized. This also had to do with her wanting to have people over for a Halloween party next week but still, this had been coming for a long time now. The most important part of this was rearranging the bedroom to order to have somewhere to put the pack n’ play so that when Alex decides to show up he has somewhere to sleep.

There was also of course another doctors appointment (they are weekly now) where she was tested for strep b. She doesn’t have it, which is good. Jess made sure to ask about added swelling she is experiencing, specifically in her feet. Whenever she undergoes any physical activity at all, her feet blow up like balloons. They tend to go back down if she puts them up for a while, even more so if she uses ice. The doctor said that it is okay for now. Just like everything else she has felt so far. Somehow everything is normal. Except seizures of course.

The biggest drawback of all this swelling is that I am a groomsman in a wedding this weekend, and sadly she can’t go. It’s one thing to find a dress that fits and to not be able to actually be next to me during the ceremony. However it also means that she would have to get up at 7am in order to get her hair and nails done and then get dressed to be ready to leave at noon. That just isn’t going to happen in the 9th month of pregnancy.

So I’m off to the wedding by myself. It’s an hour away, which makes me a little uneasy when my wife can go into labor any second. We nearly had a scare the other day when she had a very intense Braxton Hicks contraction. For a second we thought we might have to go to the hospital but it ended up being nothing. Anyway now I’m an hour away with the dreaded George Washington Bridge between us and I’m a bit anxious. Before I left I spoke into my wife’s stomach, telling Alex to behave and not come out today. To make absolutely sure that I can get back as soon as possible if something happens, I opt not to go in the limo with the rest of the bridal party. Instead I follow them in my car to the church, then to the park for pictures, and finally to the reception.

Jess had me text her when I got to the church just to assure her than I got in okay. I comply, but she doesn’t reply back to me. She’s probably just sleeping. After the pictures I call her just to check in. She doesn’t answer. I’m still sure she’s sleeping but I really want to make sure. She mentioned she might see her mother so I called her to check if maybe she spoke to Jess. This was my mistake. She knew I was going to the wedding and that Jess was nervous about something happening while I wasn’t around. So now I am calling her and she immediately thinks that Jessica went into labor and I need her to pick her up. Completely freaked her out. She hadn’t spoken to her either but sent a text message as well. Eventually Jess did respond to both of us but my mother-in-law got a pretty good scare.

Fortunately, Jess was not in labor, I had a great time at the wedding, and my son listened to me.

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