Tales Of An Expectant Dad: Week 37

381194_10150528381458902_1457799743_nOn November 5th 2012, my wife gave birth to our first child. During the pregnancy I decided that I would write about the experience. Every week since I have documented all of the events that took place throughout this time, along with my thoughts on them. Now that I can confirm that our baby is happy and healthy, I will share those thoughts with you.

Week 37 – Partying Her Way to Full Term

Jessica informed me of something this week that made me do a double take. She is now full term in the pregnancy. That means that if our son came out now he would essentially be fine. I know I’ve said it before, but this really means that he can come out at any time. He wouldn’t even be considered a premie. All that due date nonsense is just an educated guess. I was three weeks early when I was born. That’s now. Time to get our stuff together.

In addition to that little bit of information, Halloween is here and Jessica will be damned if she doesn’t  organize and decorate a Halloween party despite the fact that she could go into labor as I’m typing this sentence. She’s mentioned starting her maternity leave early because she’s having a harder time getting through each day. Any extended amount of activity causes her to swell up like Violet in Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory. Nothing however will stop her from having this party.

Throwing even more fuel on the fire, Hurricane Sandy is approaching. The storm is expected to hit us sometime Sunday or Monday, and last a couple of days. This is very similar to how my cousin’s daughter was born. It was Hurricane Irene in August of 2011. My cousin was at the same point in her pregnancy that Jessica is now. There is something about the change in barometric pressure that just pushes babies out of their homes. I’m now convinced that he will be showing up by Halloween, which is the day my Aunt predicted it would be several weeks ago.

The only way that Jess convinced me to let her have the party is to promise me that she would make it more low key than any of the other ones. Somehow I believed her (although it’s not like she would have not had a party anyway). By the day of the party I looked around and realized that she decorated every bit as much as she had every other year, if not more. The only difference is that she didn’t have as many bigger decoration ideas that she did not have time to accomplish. The one concession that did pay off was having the party catered instead of cooking everything herself. This kept her seated while I took care of all the decorating on the ceiling (changing lights, putting up bats etc). Her lack of mobility also put me in the role of maintaining the party. Keeping the cooler filled, stocking the snacks, all of the things she used to do while I was busy being the life of the party. Not a role reversal I was thrilled with. She would later say that she had more fun at this party than almost any of the other. So at least that is something good to take out of this.

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