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Food Review: Denny’s Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt

By Mike,

If there is one thing I like in my food it’s everything. I’m big on combining my foods to create one explosive delicious bite. Well it turns out the people at Denny’s can read my mind because here is the Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt. How about an ingredients roll call?

Heaven on a plate
Mac 'n Cheese and beef and fries, oh my

1 hand pressed beef patty
Mac ‘n Cheese
melted cheddar cheese
zesty frisco sauce
grilled potato bread

Throw in some seasoned fries and you got yourself a whole lot of tasty. You also have a whole lot of calories on your hands (1690). But as we all know, calories are delicious so bring it on!


Look at all the magic inside
A perfect balance of beef, mac, and cheese

But how good is it really? On their own the parts are just so so. The Mac ‘n Cheese is creamy but plain. The patty is your basic burger patty. Cheese is cheese and so on. But together, the damn sandwich comes alive. There is just enough Mac ‘n Cheese in each bite so that you know it’s there, but not too much that it overpowers the beef or the cheese. Every element compliments each other, and impressively, it doesn’t fall apart when you eat it. Also impressive is the portion size. Not that it is big, but that it is just right. By the time I was done I was not stuffed, but I sure was satisfied.

Well done Denny’s. I’ll see you again the next time I’m driving through New Jersey in the middle of the night.


Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

By Mike

Everybody seems to be going crazy about how terrible the changes George Lucas made in the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga. Did anyone not buy it because of that? To be honest I’m not buying because not that long ago I bought them all on DVD and can’t spend 80 bucks on the same six movies every two years. The only new change that really makes a difference to me is Darth Vader repeating one of the most hated one syllable lines in movie history. Blinking Ewoks, new chants, same difference.

That aside, just remember that the changes could have been a lot worse. With luck none of these will come to reality when the saga is re-re-rereleased in 3-D in 2 years. (courtesy of