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Punk Lashed Out Against Pushy Fan on Raw 2 Nights Ago

Best in the World?

According to various YouTube Videos, and an official statement on, this past Monday on Raw ended in another controversial event. I want to start this blog out with saying that everything I am about to say is not part of the “WWE Entertainment Product”. In short, its real.

Two nights ago on Monday as Raw was preparing to go off the air, CM Punk proceeded to exit through the crowd with his tail between his legs as Mike put it last blog. Precisely at the time when Vince McMahon issued Punk his ultimatum, Punk broke character and struck a fan with the back of his hand in the stands area. Apparently (as puts it) the victim of the slap tried to rally his fellow wrestling fans in an attempt to push Punk down the stairs of the arena. The victim then proceeded to push Phil Brooks (I’m using Punks real name because this is a real event) several times in the back, even hitting him in the kidney. Brooks then smacked the disgruntled fan in the face with the back of his hand.

There is a YouTube video circulating around the internet documenting the incident. As it looks on tape (or digital whatever) WWEs statement is true. Brooks was being pushed so he retaliated. But its rule number one in the wrestling business. NEVER EVER BREAK CHARACTER. If I was Brooks, I would have at least tried to walk down the steps a little to the security guard walking up as seen by the video. Let him deal with it. After all, he’s not the WWE F’n Champion! Your the top guy Brooks! You can’t go around slapping every fan that gives you heat! All part of the job! If the Rock Had done that back in the Corporation days, he would have been locked up 10 years already! But then he would never have made the Tooth Fairy. Maybe it would have worked out.

This is obviously getting a lot of media attention because everyone loves to crap on wrestling. issued a statement today indicating how sorry Brooks is for the incident and how he is happy no one got hurt. Aside from being a complete break of character, I am curious how this will effect Brooks’ character CM Punk. Will he drop the title? Will he take a suspension? Will the fan press charges? Tough to tell now, we’ll just have to tune into Raw next week and see what happens. I am also curious to see if Brooks will come out as Punk and apologize. What do you think?

The Video:


WWE Night of Champions 2012 Preview and Predictions

Night of Champions

Every title is on the line. Enemies will be made. Lives will change! Just kidding, it’s just a WWE pay per view. That’s right boys and girls! WWE Night of Champions 2012 is just a day away. I have to say, I would be lying if I said I was extremely excited for this one. But title matches are always cool, so I’m not bitter. Well let’s just dive into this thing. I’m going to order my predictions in the order of title prestige.

First things first, we have a singles match between The Viper Randy Orton and Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler, non-title match. This match would definitely be more exciting if Randy and Dolph hadn’t been in the ring with each other one way or another every night this past month on Raw. It seems that every time Randy Orton had a match, Dolph Ziggler would swoop in just to get RKO’d. There’s gunna have to be some serious moves in this match for it to be received well. What WWE should have done is have the match be for the Money in the Bank contract, have Ziggler retain, this way he has momentum going into the cash in, because right now the writers aren’t even teasing a cash in any more. To be honest, I totally forgot Ziggler had the contract until Michael Cole pointed it out last week on Raw. Now to my prediction. I think Ziggler’s going to take this one. Ziggler has been getting his ass handed to him week after week from Orton, so he needs a push, considering he is, as I said, Mr. Money in the Bank.

“I remember when I headlined PayPer Views

Second match on the card is Layla vs. Kaitlyn (who?) for the Divas Championship. Since it’s a Divas match, I’m not going to spend a ton of time predicting it. Do Divas even have storylines still? I honestly have no idea what’s going on in the Divas division. Divas matches are usually my point in Raw where I go get a snack or go to the bathroom. I think Eve is going crazy or something so whoever wins this match is probably going to feud with her. So let me think who’s going to win. Probably Kaitlyn because she’s never held the title before and Layla’s kind of annoying. Then again, so are the rest of the divas.

Predicting that was painful, but now were back to real matches. Next up is the team of R-Truth and Kofi Kingston (and Jimmy!) vs. Team Friendship! Kane and Daniel Bryan. This match is a no brainer, Kane and Daniel Bryan will win no doubt. The tag team division of WWE is dead and this is just the jump start it needs to get off the ground again. Considering both of these guys are basically tweeners, they have the potential to feud with anyone, which is always good. Plus their anger management segments are funny as hell! I can see it now, Team Friendship hosting their own Pipers Pit esc segment in the middle of the ring, where they take their guest to anger management. Easy marketing.

Next up, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro will defend his title against the winner of the Battle Royal dark match in the beginning of the show. This is impossible to predict but I just want to say one thing. For the love of God, DO NOT HAVE SANTINO WIN THE BATTLE ROYAL! Santino is comic relief at best, why give him a championship? The US Title has been held by guys such as Bret Hart, Harley Race, and Curt Hennig. Are you really going to again give the belt to a guy that wears a sock on his hand? That’s like spitting in the face of the legends.

The next mid card title up for grabs is the Intercontinental Championship. This match puts Champion Miz against Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Cody Rhodes. I personally think Miz is going to retain in this match. Think about it, you can’t have Rey or Sin Cara win because that would break up their tag team, and Rhodes isn’t gunna win because he beat up Miz last week. Or two weeks ago, I don’t remember. A Miz/Rhodes feud can only work if Miz is champion, because then he has something to brag about, and Rhodes has something to be angry about! Everybody wins!

“I feel your pain Randy”

Now were at the big stuff. The first main event I’m going to predict is the World Heavyweight bout between Sheamus (and a banned Brogue kick) against Alberto Del Rio (with David Otunga I would think). In my personal opinion, I think Sheamus is going to win. Its dramatic, to have a move banned and then that superstar comes from behind and retains. Or at least WWE thinks its dramatic. When thinking bout this match, you kind of have to think about Dolph Ziggler and that Money in the Bank contract. Ziggler doesn’t really fit into the picture with Del Rio as champ. I can see Ziggler cashing in on Sheamus easier than I can see him cashing in on Del Rio. So my official prediction, Sheamus wins. Would have been cooler if they made Smackdown GM Booker T the guest ref, considering he’s the guy that banned the Brogue kick.

Now its time for the match everyone’s talking about. John Cena vs. WWE Champion CM Punk for the title. This match can truly go either way. If Cena wins, he’s going to have to drop the title before the Royal Rumble. Because remember, it’s The Rock vs. the WWE Champ at the rumble, and I have a feeling that person is going to be CM Punk. Then we’ll have a rematch between The Rock and Cena at Wrestlemania 29. But I’m getting ahead of myself. If Cena wins, hes going to have to drop the title to Punk before the Rumble. This match can truly go either way, but I think Punks gunna take it.

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San Diego Comic Con Recap


Yes boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. San Diego Comic Con. Unless you’re a bum, you know what Comic Con entails. Kick ass movies and TV shows being revealed to blow our minds, breath taking video games that will change our playing experiences forever, and yes, scantily clad women who know nothing about comic books showing up to try and become famous. I personally have to say, this was my favorite Comic Con in a while. I’m a sucker for funny shows, bad ass superhero movies, and shoot em’ up video games. So this suited all of my geek needs. Since this was such a huge event with so many things. I’m going to split up the Con into three categories; Movies, TV shows, and last but not least, Video Games. I’m going to showcase one thing from each category that stood out to me the most. So let’s dive into this thing.

I guess a good place to start would be movies. The only movie at the Con that really stood out to me this year was “The Man of Steel” set for release some time in 2013. This is a complete reboot of the old Christopher Reeve Superman films in a more modern tone. Producer Christopher Nolan of Batman/Inception fame tells us that this new film will deal with current events such as political unrest, War, and economic turmoil. I for one am completely pumped to see this newest installment in the iconic Superman franchise. While Superman isn’t my favorite Comic Book hero, I do love his story. After his planets death, an alien outcast must join our society. When called to duty, every day normal nerdy guy Clark Kent must put on the legendary red and blue spandex threads to battle evil in our world. From what Nolan has said about the picture, it’s really going to be about Clark finding himself among the humans of Earth. As for me, you can find me at the midnight release. P.S. I hear Russell Crowe is playing Superman’s dad, so that’ll be sweet!

I’m surprised this logo isn’t black, considering Chris Nolan’s involvement.

Guess the next logical thing to talk about would be TV shows. This section is going to be kind of short because I just want to touch on one subject. NBC’s comedy “Community”. The “Community” panel at Comic-Con introduces the viewers to showrunners David Guarascio and Moses. This has been confirmed to be the final season of Community, and I am personally sad to see it go. Being a college student, it’s funny to watch a bunch of adults pursue higher education. This show may not have had a huge viewer following, but its fans will remain faithful to it in its final season. That’s all I really have to say about that. Except, does anyone else smell a Community movie?

I’m gunna miss these guys!

Our third category is video games. MY FAVORITE! Since I pretty much summed up all of my top choices in my E3 coverage blog a little while back, I decided to cover a game that I forgot. The game is called “The Last of Us” being released exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This game is set in the post-apocalyptic eastern United States. The plot of the game is still under wraps, but developers have set the story follows two survivors of some sort of mass natural holocaust, as they make their way from Boston to Pittsburg. The game was developed by the “Uncharted” series creators, so you know were in for a treat.

Gotta love the post-apoco themes.

As for the women, there’s only one thing to be said. But I won’t say it here because were clean over at KMItv. So I leave you with this picture:

You’re Welcome.

Coming Soon! Monster Mania coverage! Stay Tuned!

E3 2012: Finally Somthing to Look Forward To

Unless you decided you weren’t going to watch TV these past few days, you should know, you missed a WHOLE LOT. What I’m talking about is E3 2012. The E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the annual video game convention held every year to release, tease the releases of the new and upcoming games for the 2012/13 season. I personally watched every minute (DVR’d of course) of the expo coverage on Spike these past few days, and the only word that comes to mind is WOW. It would take close to twenty television hours to go over every game that was covered at E3, so I’ll just highlight my favorites.

Is that a rip off I smell…
…nope thats just me.

The first game on my top three list is the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I’m personally a Call of Duty fan-boy at heart so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t highly looking forward to kicking some commie’ ass. I know what everyone’s gunna say, “Ryan! Why buy another call of Duty game? There all the same!”. To those people I say get the heck out. If you’re buying a Call of Duty game simply for the action scenes and endless killing, I suggest you save your cash and just go see a Michael Bay movie. The real reason this game is on my list is because of the great story that was revealed at E3. According to lead game writer David S. Goyer, Black Ops II is set in war torn 2025. I know what you’re thinking and no, the game isn’t about a bunch of human freedom fighters fighting against the technology they once built to protect themselves, for that go find yourself a Jim Cameron flick. It’s about full on United States v. China grudge match fight to the death! So maybe it is like a Michael Bay movie. But regardless, this game is probably gunna be the hottest seller of 2012. And that’s because everyone’s pumped to see the future. It’s pretty much a fact that audiences don’t accept the future, weather in film or video games, that’s peachy clear and happy. They want people getting popped left and right and one lone future soldier kickin butt and taking names. And that’s why this title is number 3 on my list.
Dig my hood girl?

For number 2 on my list, we need to travel way back in time instead of ahead. This new game is Assassins Creed 3. I’ll admit, I’m not a true home grown AC player, as the first and only installment of the series I have is Brotherhood, but I am COMPLETLEY stocked for this new game! It combines my two favorite things in the world, American History and bad to the bone Mother F*****s beatin’ the crap outa people! Lead writer Corey May elaborated at E3 about how AC3 will be like no gaming experience ever developed before. Instead of traversing Gothic City scapes like the previous ACs, the player will now be able to wage a silent war against the Red Coats in the woods, in water, and in snow covered mountains. Being a mainly third person shooter player, I’m no stranger to war torn urban environments. So setting a high anticipation game in the woods is a nice breather from constant explosions and the rustle and bustle of the city. As I said before, I’m a stickler for story in games, and I believe AC3 won’t disappoint. You could sign me up any day to team up with my man George Washington and my boy Ben Franklin to bash some Red Coats in the quest for freedom!
Guys Look! Im totally gunna steal that shuttle.

For the final game on my list, we have to go even farther back, to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away (yes I said it). Yes, I’m talking about Star Wars. Star Wars at E3!?!? Who woulda thought!?!?! Answer……….me. Everyone knew that the next big Star Wars game was due up, but I was blown away by what the game actually was. It’s going to be my favorite, THIRD PERSON SHOOTER!!! In this game the player will play as a bounty hunter pitted against the most vile and evil criminals of Coruscant’s underworld. This is another great refresher game because, as much as I wanna be a Jedi, being able to throw my opponents yards away and kill them without actually touching them was getting a bit old (yes I’m talking to you The Force Unleashed II). I think everyone secretly wanted to be Han Solo from Empire Strikes back anyway, so why not give the fans what they want! A rated M Star Wars game that pits man against man in the battle for the galaxy. And yes maybe it’ll have a good story too.

That about does it for the big game E3 coverage from KMItv this year, but keep coming back to see what else we have in store at KMI. I’m Ryan for KMItv sayin keep it real. And P.S. check out my YouTube channel MSPtelevision! New video starting this summer! Tell your sister about it.