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Cena Says Bloody Goodbye to End Extreme Rules

I’ll be the first to admit that I was not that pumped for Extreme Rules. I saw all the rematches and yearned for something new. I saw all the hardcore matches as further distraction from real wrestling. I thought Cena/Lesnar was interesting but would be more of the same we’ve seen from both. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead of simply following in WrestleMania 28’s footsteps, Extreme Rules took last month’s PPV and turned it up to eleven, delivering with drama, extreme action and in-ring action alike.

In black and white for some reason

First let’s get to the main event and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow. To put it bluntly, Brock Lesnar beat the crap out of John Cena for roughly 20 minutes. After getting busted open by Lesnar a few weeks ago on Raw, Brock pulled the same routine about a minute into the match, elbowing Cena in the back of the head and making him a bloody mess for the entire match, which had to be stopped twice to superglue Cena’s head together (not exaggerating). The rest of the match was Lesnar dominating as much as I’ve ever seen anyone dominate before. If you thought Tensai and Clay could throw people around, then you haven’t seen Lesnar. It was also a nice touch that Brock wore his MMA gear (allowed through his contract, very rare), and it can’t be talked about enough how much of a monster he is. Anyway he pummeled Cena to the point where the crowd started pulling for Cena (not easy to do) who finally hit Lesnar with a fist full of chains and an AA on the steel steps to secure the win. Hip hip hooray, Cena’s off the snide.

But the real story is what happened after the match. Cena’s right arm was noticeably dangling from his shoulder by the end, which he even acknowledged when he addressed the crowd. He then started talking about how he’ll probably get fired (on camera) for what he’s going to say, but mentioned how all of the good guys and bad guys sacrificed their bodies at Extreme Rules, and thanked Chicago for being such a great wrestling city (he actually said wrestling!). He also said (off and on mic) that he’ll probably be leaving for a while, citing both his injury and that Laurinaitis would kick him out (for what I still don’t know). Then as Cena walked up the ramp he was again heard off camera telling a fan about his arm, saying something like “it just feels like it’s hanging there.”

How much of this is legit or not I can’t say. He definitely looked hurt but he’s in the business of selling injuries so who knows what you can take from that. It is pretty rare for a post match mic session to be put on air (which again can go either way) and he sounded fairly genuine. It’s also possible that he is just in line for some scheduled time off and what better way to send him off than with a “severe” injury in a big win. Works for Triple H and the Undertaker. If it’s planned out (which I tend to think it is) then I think they wanted Cena to make his leave with as much positive reaction as possible, so that whenever he does come back in isn’t to as many boos. I also think they are enjoying having Punk as champion so much that they want to keep him their, and don’t know how to transition Cena back into the title picture yet (which eventually he has to). Either way Cena is still the biggest draw, so for their sake I hope he comes back as soon as possible (unless it’s a work, which in that case screw him).

Still the best in the world

On to the rest of the card. Jericho and Punk had me really worried that having a Chicago Street Fight would take away all of the wrestling they were known for. I wasn’t put at ease when they both came out in jeans instead of traditional wrestling gear. What we got however might have been the best combination of both. It started slow and expectedly weapon filled, but by the middle of the match there was a great combination of technical wrestling mixed in with weapons. The Anaconda Vice countered with a kendo stick. Code breakers with chairs were hit. My favorite spot had Punk crawling to the ropes while in the Walls of Jericho, only it didn’t mean anything because of the street fight rules. That lead to Punk reaching down toward the arena floor to grab and use a fire extinguisher on Jericho to break the hold. The key to the whole thing was the stipulation that the pin or submission had to be in the ring. That kept things from going backstage which is the least entertaining thing possible, and kept these guys where they do their best work. After more taunting from Jericho (tacked on but he finally has full heel status for it), Y2J went to finish Punk with  a GTS, which Punk reversed and delivered a GTS of his own to retain the title.

So now Jericho has lost to Punk in two PPV’s, once by submission and once by pinfall, both clean. Where can Jericho go from here? The rumor is that Jericho will be gone before Summerslam, which is four months away, to go on tour with Fozzy. That means he could leave now or three months from now, and if Cena’s gone I’m not sure what else he can do besides keep feuding with Punk, who’s he’s now lost to twice already. Punk meanwhile has been champion for six months and is running out of opponents. Does Lord Tensai get a push? Jericho/Punk part 3? It’s possible Lesnar get’s the next shot would make for some good old fashioned MMA style fighting. I could also see Daniel Bryan switching to Raw and gunning for Punk now that he’s lost to Sheamus.

Speaking of which, what a great match Bryan and Sheamus had. It had everything you want in a great match. The crowd had been waiting four weeks for this one and they were ready for it. Electric stuff. It’s always special when a heel becomes so popular that the face gets booed, and that’s what happened here. Then the storyline they told worked really well. After a hard fought back and forth battle that would have been a great TV main event any other day, Bryan then attacked Sheamus’ shoulder in the corner so brutally that he purposefully got disqualified for the first of 3 falls, only to immediately administer the Yes Lock to get take the second and tie it up. Sheamus, who was very impressive, managed to secure the win with a couple of brogue kicks, but the star of the show was still Bryan. For the first time since I started watching him, he had everything clicking in a big spot. He was a smaller heel being treated as a face, making a giant beast of a face look like the underdog by the end of the match. Loved it.

The real star of the show

Now that the WWE seems committed to Sheamus as a champion all signs point to him meeting Alberto Del Rio at Over the Limit in May. Bryan on the other hand has no direct path. One thing that surprised me about the match was that AJ was nowhere to be seen. Probably for the better, but I’m sure she’ll pop up later this week.

Other notes from Extreme Rules:

Cody Rhodes beat the Big Show in a table match on a technicality, as Rhodes pushed Show slightly off the edge of the ring, having his foot (and just his foot) break through the table, and costing him the Intercontinental title. Show dominated the whole match, including throwing Rhodes through two tables post match, so this feud seems to have another chapter or two left.

Randy Orton opened the show by defeating Kane in a match that would have bored me completely had it been after any of the other matches mentioned above. They had some decent spots, but too much throwing people into objects outside the ring, which we all know by now that I hate. Let’s give it up to a random Zach Ryder appearance though.

Brodus Clay’s feud with Vicki Guerrero took another turn when he had an actual back and forth match against Dolph Ziggler. Clay won of course but Ziggler put up a good fight and we got to see Clay fight back a little. It’s taking a while, but we’re starting to see what this guy is actually made of. Decent job.

On the YouTube pre show, Santino retained his US Championship against the Miz who seems to be dropping further and further down the depth chart.

Ryback was correctly labeled as Goldberg by the crowd, defeating two hilariously awesome local wrestlers.

As for the ladies, Layla came back to beat the Bella’s for the Diva’s title. Kharma’s name now gets tossed around like a an urban legend, and Beth Phoenix will be out for a while with her leg “injury.”

Oh yeah, Michael Cole called out Booker T for saying he knew Sheamus was tired by looking at all his sweat, and said that if Booker’s fighting was anything like his announcing, he’d do fine in a fight against him.

Overall I’d say it was a pretty successful pay-per-view. Very few dead spots and the time killing was kept to a minimum. We also saw plenty of blood (the best way to get Cena on the crowd’s side) and plenty of regular wrestling too. Did I miss anything you noticed? If so, leave a comment below.

-Update: I just realized the pics are in black and white so you can’t see the blood! Oh WWE, you are sooooooooo slick.

Extreme Rules Looks Like ‘WrestleMania 28: Part 2’

After two weeks of speculating the Extreme Rules lineup, this past week proved that I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.

That's not how a chair works

During Monday Night Raw in jolly old England, Punk and Henry seemed to put an end to their mini-feud with a no-DQ match that I still think they could have drawn into a title match at the PPV. Punk finally won of course, but the three matches told a good story and I enjoyed the concept of Punk constantly trying to chop down Henry with kicks, only to be thwarted every time he went for a big blow. It was entertaining, and the crowd was into it every time it looked like Punk would finally bring him down, which he finally did with a chair shot off the top rope. Again, that would have been a good finish at Extreme Rules.

So now that that killed a few weeks, Jericho was ready to announce that he will get a rematch against CM Punk in a Chicago Street Fight. Of course they are still playing they whole “CM Drunk” angle, because otherwise there would be no reason for this match to happen. We already saw it once and while it was great, I don’t need to see it again. I’m fairly concerned that the street fight aspect will take away from the technical wrestling, which was the whole reason we wanted to see these two fight in the first place. All I can say is that my fingers are crossed.

Courtesy WWE.com
What? This isn't butter!?

As far as matches go, the rest of Raw involved Brodus Clay continuing to get over on Dolph Ziggler, Kane setting Zach Ryder’s career further back by turning him into a jobber while trash talking Randy Orton, and Lord (Prince) Tensai (Albert) keeping his dominant string going with an extreme rules win over John Cena (with a little outside help of course).

Clay and Tensai are really getting built up as unstoppable monsters, and I can’t remember a time where there were two of this type of superstar at the same time. It’s actually pretty interesting. Both are big brutes who don’t sell and have no real personality. However one of them is an all flash babyface, while the other is a slow walking uber heel. Is it me or should these two definitely face off soon. You can only go so long with two undefeated streaks, and given their move sets it would probably be fun to watch. Me wanting it though probably means it will never happen. Oh well.

Cena continued his string of getting beat up by everyone possible, but not before he and Lesnar got to talk about why they are fighting each other and whatever other nonsense they want to say. The gist of it is, Lesnar wants to hurt people, and Cena wants to fight. Thankfully we only have to put up with another week or so of this instead of the year of it we had with The Rock.

Last week on a live Smackdown, it was announced that Daniel Bryan would get a rematch against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. To make sure he doesn’t get another early exit, it has been declared a 2-out-of-3 falls match. I had previously been thinking that Alberto Del Rio would get thrust into the title picture, especially after Del Rio’s pleas for a title shot. Instead we will get another WrestleMania rematch, giving Bryan some much deserved ring time in what I’m sure will be a lengthy match. It’s absolutely amazing what has happened to him in the last couple months. He’s gone from relative obscurity, to budding champion, to this year’s version of CM Punk. “Yes!” chants fill arenas during every single match, not just his, and the mere sight of him makes the crowd go crazy. On Raw he had a solid match against Kofi Kingston, winning by submission as AJ looked on, still in support of her now ex. I’m sure they have something interesting planned for her, as she could either win or lose the title for Bryan.


Normally the WWE overexposes something like this to death, and they’ve tried. Only this time it’s playing right into Bryan’s character, who’s starting to turn into an absolute nut job. He’s totally committing to what had taken so long to build up, now even changing the Lebelle lock to the Yes lock. There isn’t a guy I want to like more than Bryan. He’s getting a crazy push that has more to do with the fans than anything else. He’s a real wrestler, not a sports entertainer. He also seems to really appreciate what has happened to him since WrestleMania. He just keeps failing to impress me in big spots. Extreme Rules good give us the match we hoped we’d get just a couple of weeks ago, and his performance could finally get me on the bandwagon.

So right now it would appear that Extreme Rules will feature Bryan vs. Sheamus, Punk vs. Jericho, Cena vs. Lesnar, and most likely Orton vs. Kane.

Isn’t that a lot like the card for WrestleMania? Substitute Lesnar with the Rock and it’s a Triple H vs. Undertaker match away from being exactly like WrestleMania. This just isn’t good. We just saw all these matches. Does that mean most of the results will be different? If not they we’re just wasting our time trying to duplicate last month’s PPV. Lesnar might as well be using the same script as The Rock (if he could talk he would), coming back for little reason other that to beat up Cena. It all points to the same issue everyone complains about. The WWE has no interest in promoting anyone not already in the spotlight. Only this time forget about new talent, there are barely any new story lines. I’m afraid I might be skipping this PPV to save up for one I haven’t seen already.

Blood Makes a Cameo in an Otherwise Uneventful Raw

If you watched Monday Night Raw last night you pretty much saw the same show you did last week with one exception. Blood! If you haven’t seen it already, you can pretty much skip watching the entire show except for the first ten minutes. Brock Lesnar came out as the “new face of the WWE” according to Johnny Ace, and before he could get to saying anything (which is for the best) John Cena came out and smacked him in the face, starting an all out brawl. For some reason the entire WWE roster felt they needed to break this up, so Cena and Brock are put into opposing corners by 20 men each and next thing you know, Cena’s mouth is all kinds of busted! Intentionally or not (and I have to guess it was since how the hell do you get busted open in a fake brawl), it was pretty cool to see blood get back into ring twice in two weeks (if you count WrestleMania).

Previously scene last week

With all that said, Extreme Rules will feature another Cena vs “Insert Legend Here” match, now against Lesnar. That’s all fine, I’m just curious why he can’t start a feud with anyone on the current roster. I don’t even really count Kane since he’s just around to deliver a key chokeslam occasionally. I’m not complaining about him being booked with other brutes so the more talented wrestlers can face each other instead, I’m just getting a little bored of seeing John Cena jumped by old men in jump suits that’s all.

Like a said before, with few other exceptions this was a rehash of last weeks Raw. Punk lost to Mark Henry by DQ instead of count out this time so he still retains the title despite getting whooped, and Jericho again poured alcohol (this time beer) on an injured Punk. Henry now gets a third match for the title next week, with no count outs or disqualifications.  I had thought this would end up on the PPV card but if they are doing it next week, for the third week in a row, I don’t know if they will do it again. Perhaps as a rematch if Punk loses but I don’t know. They are also pushing the Jericho feud so it can go either way. At this point I’m still thinking Henry/Punk with a Punk/Jericho rematch at the next PPV.


To wrap up the rest of the last week, we could also be heading toward a Big Show/Rhodes rematch. Sheamus vs Del Rio is all but official. Daniel Bryan dumped AJ putting him in the weird position of complete heel that everyone loves. Dolph Ziggler (my guy) could sell a dead tree, and it turns out Brodus Clay too. The fans refuse to forget that Lord Tensai is really Prince Albert no matter how little body hair he has, and the WWE Universe hates the new Three Stooges movie as much as I do. We’ll see how full of crap I am next week when everything I said is proved wrong with a Punk/Sheamus title for title match.