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Domino Confirmed For Deadpool Game (NYCC)

At this point we all know that High Moon Studios is making a Deadpool game due to come out in 2013 right? Well at the Marvel Video Games panel at the New York Comic Con we received an update on how the game was progressing.

Everything looks great, the combat is coming into shape and blah blah blah. Thankfully Deadpool himself decided to crash the panel, start a dance party, and announce that none other than Domino is confirmed to make her first video game appearance.  A fellow mercenary, Domino is also known for having a relationship with Cable, and you can’t have a Deadpool game without Cable being involved somehow. By the way, the game will be rated M for mature. That means cursing and boobs and blood and guts! They also showed this highlight reel of Deadpool’s appearance in San Diego:

Some other notes from the Marvel Video Games panel:

-The Amazing Spider-Man game will come to the Wii U in the spring. It will include all of the DLC, will have optional motion controls and the touchscreen controller with act as the cellphone hub during gameplay. This is similar to how the navigation and gadget controls are being applied to the Arkham City Armored Edition.

(On a side note, I watched some people run through a brief demo of Arkham City on the Wii U. Graphically it looks just like the current version. The armor’s main function seems to be providing a brief but large impact in combat, electrocuting enemies and adding range. It only works when fully charged. Gadgets like the remote batarang and detective vision make you look at the touchscreen. This gave a lot of players fits as it’s against everything we know as gamers to look away from the giant tv in our face to look at a smaller one below us. The controller itself takes some getting used to but I’m sure that after a little while you get used to it.)

-Marvel Pinball will be debuting a Civil War version by the end of the year. In it, you pick a side (Captain America or Iron Man) and the object while playing is to recruit allies. The side you select determines what moments play out from the series.

-There was some new footage shown for the free to play MMO, Marvel Heroes. Among it was the announcement of three new characters: Nova, Luke Cage and Jean Grey (as Phoenix). The video also showed a glimpse of Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, which got a big response from the crowd.


How to Make “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Work as a Movie

Aside from all of the comic book blockbusters coming out this summer, I am most looking forward to seeing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Based on a book from the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this Tim Burton produced film promises to show us a re-imagined Honest Abe, taking matters into his own hands in the war against the confederacy, and of course vampires. Here is the trailer:

I loved the book and can’t wait to see it adapted to film, however unless the film runs over 5 hours, the story will have to be adapted a bit. Here are just a few of my suggestions.

Understand That the Audience Knows History
Anyone who finished middle school in America knows who Abraham Lincoln is. Sixteenth president, freed the slaves, killed in a theater by John Wilkes Booth. With that in mind there is no need to waste too much time with any of that. Lincolns assassination shouldn’t be given any extra attention. The imaginary film maker in me thinks that they should start the movie with it. Especially given the book’s ending (no spoilers!). Lincoln becoming president should also be treated as just a step on the way to abolishing slavery, which in itself should be more about why he wants it gone, and less on actually getting it done.

More Young Lincoln
One of the things I found interesting about the book is how few vampires Lincoln himself actually kills. It does make sense that once he is president he is older and no longer in the hunting business, and this also draws back to my earlier point. Based on the trailer anyway there seems to be plenty of action, and if it follows the books lead we see a lot of pre-president Abe. I envision the movie largely taking place between his first finding out about vampires and just before he runs for president. Make key points out of Abe learning to use his axe, his first attempts and hunting, and especially his first encounter with Henry. This has to breathe into the almost father/son relationship it could be, setting the stage for Abe to go running “errands” for Henry. I’m pretty sure we can spend about 25 minutes on the Civil War and be good. The action is all pre-politics. Of course they could change things up and have Abe fighting the leader of the vampires in the White House to end the Civil War, but I feel like that might make it a little more ridiculous that an Abe Lincoln vampire movie needs to be.

Cutting Some Tradgedy
Abraham Lincoln went through a hell of a lot in the book. Basically everyone he loves is killed or threatened by vampires (okay some spoilers there). For the sake of time and the mood of the movie I think we can get away with omitting, or at least brushing over, some of the tragic moments in Lincoln’s life. First off, we can wipe his first fiancee right out of the story. Plenty going on to push him without her. We can also knock out the early offers Henry gives to revive his children. Save that for the last one and have a good ole fashioned outbreak of emotion. One thing that better not get cut out are the dream sequences. Those were some of the more entertaining parts of the book, and could be an absolute mind trip if done right on film.

Anything else that needs to be included? How about things that should be left out? Be heard and leave a comment!