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Watch the New ‘Star Trek’ Game Teaser

Reverb Games has released a trailer for their new Star Trek game. Check it out:

If you haven’t guessed already it looks like it will be a basic 3rd person shooter with some platforming thrown in. Also if you’re worth your weight as a Trekker then you’ll also notice that this game is based on the new movie, not the TV show. That’s really the only way for a Star Trek game to go the full action route, as the TV show never had this much going on.

We were also sent some concept art for the game, which you can also see here.

The game will be out early next year and will be available on all platforms.

So what do you think? Are excited for this game or do you think it’ll just be another mindless movie tie-in? Go where none of our readers have ever gone before, and sound off in the comments below!


Rap Songs That Are Way Too Long

Sometimes rap music goes too far. Not with the profanity or the violence or the treatment of women. That is all par for the course. But when you’re driving and you realize that you have been listening to the same song for the last 5 exits, you know that song is just way too long. In the radio industry they call these “bathroom songs.” Here are a few tracks that take the theme to a whole other level.

Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight
Let’s start with the classic. Everybody knows Rapper’s Delight as for good reason. It’s one of the main reasons rap music is where it is today. Most people only hear the edited cut that clocks in around 6 minutes. The full version however, is almost 15 minutes long. You can watch a full episode of Robot Chicken and still have a few minutes to spare.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Superrappin’
Another classic rap group, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were definitely hip hop pioneers with songs like “The Message.” However their first single, 1979’s “Superrappin'” was treated as an introduction to the entire group and apparently, all six members had a lot to say. at 12 minutes, it’s as if each member had an entire song of their own mashed together into one, long, long track. Wu-Tang Clan, this is not.

Jimmy Spicer – The Adventures Super Rhymes
The first two songs can blame the length partly on having a group of rappers that all need to get their time on a track. “The Adventures of Syper Rhymes” however is just one man who just doesn’t know when to quit. Over the course of the 10 minute song Jimmy Spicer talks about Super Ryhmes, Dracula, and Aladin with no hooks, no pauses, no mercy.

The Game – 300 Bars
Moving on to the current generation, The Game changes up the concept of the really long song by changing beats throughout the nearly 14 minutes of rhymes. “300 Bars” is as advertised, but the various beats keep it from getting stale. At least for a while anyway. 14 minutes is still too long to listen to one guy rap. I get it, you’re good. (NSFW)

Østkyst Hustler – The World’s Longest Rap
The longest rap song of all time is the appropriately named, “The World’s Longest Rap” by the danish rap-group “Østkyst Hustler” (Eastcoast Hustler in english). I was unable to find the song online so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that it is 78 minutes and 48 seconds long. That’s the same duration as Planet 9 From Outer Space. That has nothing to do with anything, but it’s still kinda cool. It’s also really, really, really, too long.

Voltron Media Blitz (NYCC)

We’re back with, what else? Media coverage from the New York Comic Con. If you haven’t heard, Voltron is back and running on all cylinders. There is a new cartoon, Voltron Force, on Nicktoons. There is a comic book through Dynamite Entertainment. THQ has developed a Voltron video game, and Mattel stepped up their game with a new line of toys, including a masterpiece version for us big kids. We got to talk to people that work on all the Voltron properties at the New York Comic Con.

First is Peter Armstrong from THQ on the video game, Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Here is Robert Koplar from WEP, the rights holder for Voltron, talking about the tv show

Next we spoke to supervising producer Jeremy Corray about Voltron Force

X-Men: Destiny 2nd look (NYCC)

X-I wasn’t the kindest to X-Men: Destiny when it first came out. In fact I basically called it crap (see here). That may not be too fair considering I never played the game. With that in mind I spoke to Silicon Knights’ Zac Alcampo about the game at the New York Comic Con. Let’s see if he changed my mind at all:

Why “X-Men: Destiny” was Destined to Fail

X-Men Destiny came out this week to mediocre reviews. The choice system has no impact, the enemies are repetitive, the game is too short, the list goes on. However, one decision made it almost impossible for this game to really take off from the start. The playable characters.

Before I go any further I should probably mention that despite by love of comic books, I have not played, nor have I even considered playing, X-Men: Destiny. My critiques have nothing to do with the controls or graphics (I’m sure both are well covered by better writers than myself). I am simply detailing why I had no desire to play it before, and certainly don’t now.

If you are playing an X-Men game, the first thing you probably want to do is be your favorite characters. It was made pretty obvious early on that that is not the case here. Instead you play as a new mutant (no, not those new mutants), who recently discovers his or her powers and has to decide whether to join the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (should be a no brainer considering one group has the work “evil” right in the middle of it but whatever).

Be prepared to not play as any of these people

This isn’t a bad idea at a glance. Being an unknown character can give you the ability to put yourself in the role of the young mutant, gaining cool powers while fighting among and against your favorite heroes and villains. I was initially on board with this game, thinking it was Marvel’s answer to DC Universe Online, where you create a hero or villain from scratch and fight among all the characters in famous DC locations. Boy was I wrong.

Starting from the top, you have the choice to be 1 of 3 mutants. A regular guy, a beefed up guy, and a girl. You also have a choice between 3 powers, none of which I will name because they are all the same. It turns out it doesn’t really matter what character or power you choose because they are all basically skins for the same generic person and actions. For a game claiming to be all about choosing your destiny, there already isn’t a lot of choice here. As for choosing sides, it turns out that doesn’t really matter either. Both sides are going against a third party that is out to get all mutants. This makes for a pretty cheap way to make all you good/bad choices not mean a thing. Essentially the only thing your choices do is determine who “helps” you on all of your missions. Regardless of your chosen character you have two endings, which are solely determined by the final choice you make. 3 characters, 3 powers, 2 endings. Doesn’t really add up.

Who wouldn't want to be buff guy? Or girl with scarf?

None of this is unprecedented, but it doesn’t really give anything back either. Ultimate Alliance 2 didn’t change too drastically based on your decisions, but you at least got different cut scenes and played as your favorite heroes. Force Unleashed left you has an guy you never heard of with no choices, but you go against famous Star Wars creatures and characters, and you get all the force powers you ever dreamed of having. You don’t get optic blasts or psychic powers in X-Men: Destiny. All you get are 3 random powers that seem to all be identical extensions of your fists, which you use against random people you never heard of, as a person you don’t care about. That game has been done much better twice before, Infamous and Prototype.

Considering Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends, I get not making another beat’em up where you play as Marvel characters. However the model for this game really should have been DC Universe Online. I would have loved the ability to create my own mutant, with an actual costume and powers of my choosing, while actually fighting against X-Men characters. With 3 different, although generic, characters the potential was there for 6 possible outcomes. Good and bad. Instead we got 2, with a short play through time to go with it. Would it really have been so much trouble to throw in flight?