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Alex Toy Reviews – Minecraft (Part 2)

Now that I finally found Alex at the end of part 1, I get to see exactly what he loves most about Minecraft. Speficially, blowing everything up. We also get into skins, lava, and spawning creatures. Enjoy!


Alex Toy Reviews – Minecraft (Part 1)

Alex has taken over the channel! He decided that he wanted to play Minecraft in 2 player mode and I was more than happy to oblige. I’m not a Minecraft expert but he didn’t a great job teaching me the basics. Build things and blow them up. Let’s see how long it takes for me just to find him in part 1. Enjoy!

Alex Toy Reviews – Lego Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber (Part 2)

For a set that broke things up into 3 pieces we’re having quite the time getting past the first part. I can’t believe I didn’t expect Alex to do what he did right after finishing that section. I hate to be like Lord Business but he brings it out of me. Enjoy!

Alex Toy Reviews – Lego Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber (Part 1)

We’re on the road! On a trip to Orlando, Florida we couldn’t not visit Legoland (or is it LEGOLAND?). And when you visit Legoland (LEGOLAND?) you have to go to the stores and Alex could not get his eyes off of the Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber set. The kid is obsessed with the medical droids and has an affinity for labs in general so this was a no brainer. Enjoy!