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Alex Toy Reviews – Setting Traps in Minecraft (Part 2)

After setting more traps for his brother Lukas in Minecraft, Alex moves on to dropping him into the ender portal. I can’t help but think he has aspirations of becoming a sorcerer and using his skills in the dark arts to make the world bend at his whim. Enjoy!


Alex Toy Reviews – Setting Traps in Minecraft (Part 1)

It is not even up for debate that Minecraft is Alex’s favorite video game to play. The better question is how do I get him to try anything else. Fortunately he is branching out from just trying to blow everything up and has moved on to setting traps for other players. It was no coincidence that Alex decided to trying making increasingly elaborate traps them moment that his little brother Lukas wanted to play. They didn’t hit eachother at all so I call it a win-win. Enjoy!