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Alex Toy Reviews – Minecraft Skeleton Attack Playset (Part 2)

We continue building the playset and finish the first bag (part one here). Enjoy!


Alex Toy Reviews – Minecraft Skeleton Attack Playset (Part 1)

We’re back with another Lego playset to build! This time we’re combing Alex’s love of Lego with his love of Minecraft with the Skeleton Attack set! It is easily the biggest one we’ve build so get ready for several parts. Enjoy!


Alex Toy Reviews – Bendy and the Ink Machine Playset

Alex only had one request for his birthday party this year. That the theme be Bendy and the Ink Machine. We don’t play PC games so he’s never even played the game. He’s just seen videos on YouTube. Still, he loves Bendy and knows all the other characters. We went all out on the decorations and of course it carried over to the presents. There is still only so much Bendy merchandise but the coup de gras was a faux Bendy and the Ink Machine Lego set. It was pretty impressive. As always the boys wanted nothing to do with following the instructions but I got them to agree to putting it all together one time before having their way with it. Enjoy!