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STS Tournament: Melvin Glover vs Robert Ovalle

Over the weekend we attended the 2011 MMA World Expo at the Javits Center. The big feature of the day was the final round of the STS Tournament. With traditional MMA fighting still not allowed in New York, STS bends the rules by having 3 rounds of fighting each featuring a different fighting style. Round 1 is Muay Thai (S- for Striking), round 2 is wrestling (T- for Take Downs), and round 3 is No-Gi Jiu Jitsu (S- for Submissions).

It’s a pretty interesting format and we have two of the final matches from the day. First is the 175lb division featuring Melvin Glover and Robert Ovalle. Enjoy


Village Halloween Parade 2011 NYC!

If you’ve never been to the Village Halloween Parade in NYC here is what you are missing! Definitely check it out 🙂