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Alex Toy Reviews – Lego Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber (Final Product)

I just couldn’t help myself. With the boys sleeping for the night I decided to go ahead and finish the Hoth Medical Chamber myself. Even the simplest Lego design takes some time to finish so I was pretty exhausted by the time it was done. Still, I thought it came out pretty good and Alex even got to try it out.  Enjoy!

Alex Toy Reviews – Lego Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber (Part 2)

For a set that broke things up into 3 pieces we’re having quite the time getting past the first part. I can’t believe I didn’t expect Alex to do what he did right after finishing that section. I hate to be like Lord Business but he brings it out of me. Enjoy!

Alex Toy Reviews – Lego Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber (Part 1)

We’re on the road! On a trip to Orlando, Florida we couldn’t not visit Legoland (or is it LEGOLAND?). And when you visit Legoland (LEGOLAND?) you have to go to the stores and Alex could not get his eyes off of the Star Wars Hoth Medical Chamber set. The kid is obsessed with the medical droids and has an affinity for labs in general so this was a no brainer. Enjoy!

Matt Senreich talk Robot Chicken and more (NYCC)

Robot Chicken went a different route with their latest season, releasing it on DVD before they actually aired on Adult Swim. At this year’s New York Comic Con we spoke to co-creator Matt Senreich about all things Robot Chicken, including what goes into making the show and where they can go from here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (NYCC)

Nerds and geeks alike have been waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to come out for over 3 years now. On December 20th of this year, all those dorks can stop waiting. BioWare is essentially looking to make this MMO everything Star Wars: Galaxies wasn’t. I spoke to BioWare producer Cory Butler about classes, pvp, and voice acting:

Cosplay from the New York Comic Con (and a wrap)

Don’t worry, we’re not nearly done with our Comic Con Coverage. We still have video games, tv shows and more to talk about. That will all have to wait until next week though. We know what you really want. COSPLAY! I hope you don’t mind but we added in an overall wrap of the entire 4 day weekend that pretty much wiped Chris and I out for a couple days. Enough of reading what I write though, BRING ON THE COSPLAY

By the way, don’t forget to check out the details of the video on YouTube. We have links to plenty of talented people that all helped us in some way over the weekend. Thanks for watching everyone.

Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

By Mike

Everybody seems to be going crazy about how terrible the changes George Lucas made in the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga. Did anyone not buy it because of that? To be honest I’m not buying because not that long ago I bought them all on DVD and can’t spend 80 bucks on the same six movies every two years. The only new change that really makes a difference to me is Darth Vader repeating one of the most hated one syllable lines in movie history. Blinking Ewoks, new chants, same difference.

That aside, just remember that the changes could have been a lot worse. With luck none of these will come to reality when the saga is re-re-rereleased in 3-D in 2 years. (courtesy of imgur.com)