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XBOX ONE Announced: Details And Reaction

6C7512049-new-image-consoles.blocks_desktop_largeNow that Sony had their big announcement it is time for Microsoft to make their big next gen reveal. Will it be always on? Will we actually see the console? Here is a rundown of the event, with key details in bold:

1:00 PM: Microsoft set the tone early with a montage talking about how the new system will integrate cloud technology to give you what you want without having to find it. They want the new console to dominate your living room and the key work that sums it all up is “alive.”

1:03 Don Mattrick is the first person up to talk about how the XBOX has always been ahead of the curve with things like XBOX Live and Kinect, and how they are still looking forward. They want to simplify your living room by taking advantage of cloud technology to create an all-in-one system in an age where people go to their tablets phones while gaming and watching TV.

1:08: The new console is called XBOX ONE. They show off what the console looks like (unlike Sony), black and shiny like a PS3. There is a Kinect at launch with a new controller which seems to fix the d-pad issue. The hardware is then shown on the main stage. The idea is to make the experience simple, fast and complete.

1:10: Yusef Mendhi up next to show off the console. Like Don, he put heavy emphasis on what they will show at E3. The homescreen is similar to the 360 and remembers the last few things you were doing, and has a trending section which shows what your friends are into and what the overall community is into. This branches from games to music and movies. Yusef cycles through all of the options using voice command. Saying
“XBOX, watch TV” instantly switches to a TV feed. He is also able to switch to music, browsers, movies and games with voice command, and it’s pretty fast. There are also hand gestures that open up windows from the menu to go full screen.

You also have the ability to use multiple apps at the same time. While watching the 2009 Star Trek movie, Yusef uses voice command to open IE on the side of the screen to look up the new Trek movie, go through favorites and buy tickets. I’ll forgive the plug.

Yusef uses Skype with a fellow employee while watching the movie. Video and audio look solid.

After pulling up the ESPN app, Yusef displays the ability to show league standings and fantasy stats. Pretty cool if you’re in an ESPN fantasy league (which I’m not). There is also a TV guide which lets you see what is on cable and go to any channel by saying the channel you want to watch like HBO or CBS. The idea behind all of this is for the user to not have a reason to turn the TV off of the XBOX.

1:20: Mark Whitten out next to talk about the details of the console. 5 Billions transistors and 8 gigs of RAM. It has BluRay and USB 3 tech.

It uses three different operating systems to make it as easy as possible to use. This causes the system to shift from program to program with no lag. Voice control has also been adapted to be more conversational.

Kinect is getting an upgrade with a better camera and enhanced body recognition to recognize rotation and weight control.

The new controller has 40 design innovations with an upgraded battery pack and d-pad (which looks more like the Sony d-pad). The new Kinect sensor is what the entire experience revolves around.

New XBOX Live is built on 300,000 servers. Content is stored in the cloud so that you can access any content from anywhere. There is also a DVR program for gaming that lets you rewind and record gameplay (like PS4). There is also a system to find the perfect competitors for you in multiplayer, giving you the best possible experience.

1:28: Andrew Wilson from EA announces that EA is producing FIFA 14, Madden 14, NBA Elite 14 (uh oh) and a UFC game (that’s interesting). They will all be ready within 12 months and feature a new program called “Ignite.” This is meant to adjust the mental aspect of playing, along with more realistic body movement when colliding with other players on the field. There are also more dynamic crowds and playing environments teased. There is also a tease of XBOX only full multiplayer. This was all recapped with a montage of what could be gameplay. If it is it looks pretty great. That’s expected of course. The main thing I took away from it was uniform  and face movement.

1:35: Phil Spencer out next to take a look at Forza Motorsport 5. I don’t know much about racing games but it looks good. After the PS4 reveal I’m kind of numb to the graphics. Of course it is all going to look amazing. It will be available at launch.

1:40: Remedy Games debuts a game called Quantum Break. The games starts with a live action scene which cuts into a heavy disaster scene with a ship crashing into a bridge. What followed was a sneak peak of gameplay (most of it I missed due to LAAAG). What I did see looked okay.

XBOX ONE will launch with 15 exclusives, eight of which are new franchises. This is kind of a big deal as exclusives have been lacking recently.

1:45: Nancy Tellem from XBOX Entertainment Studios talks about how TV on XBOX will emerse you in the experience. The emphasis will be on personalization. She brings out Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries to talk about how Halo will integrate into this. She reveals that there will be a live action Halo TV series to be produced by Steven Spielberg.

1:50: XBOX ONE will have a partnership with the NFL to have exclusive content, as well as app access to integrate your fantasy league stats. I imagine this also means Sunday Ticket will be available as well. It was on PS3 last year.

1:55: Dan Mattrick comes back out to wrap things up, announcing that the XBOX ONE will be released later this year, and again promotes E3 where several more games will be revealed.

2:00: Eric Hirshberg from Activision out to announce the next generation of Call of Duty, of which DLC will all be released first on XBOX. Using a new game engine, Call of Duty: Ghosts is the next CoD game. There is a short behind the scenes clip showing the making of the game and some of the new features like dogs. Yup, dogs. The engine upgrades the way objects look when you are close to them, as well as changing the way you hurdle over objects, slide and interact with the environment. Another new feature is interactive maps, which include essentially traps that you can trigger within the environment. Hirshberg describes it as the best CoD game in terms of graphics, gameplay and story. Ghosts was then compared side by side to MW3. Of course its better. I’m honestly not going crazy over them though. Finally we get a clip of gameplay on the XBOX ONE engine. What we actually get is the games trailer. The biggest element to me was the interactions with water and shooting down a building while you are scaling it. The parts that looked like gameplay certainly had the graphics of a cutscene. It looks good. It’s supposed to.

2:08: One final plug for E3 in the form of a countdown and the presentation is over.

I’ll probably sound like the huge Sony fanboy that I am but I was a little underwhelmed by this event. On the plus side, we actually saw the hardware which looks very nice and not oversized. It also did not drag the way Sony’s did. However there was so much emphasis put on watching TV and not very much on gaming. NFL, ESPN, watching moves, surfing the internet. Gaming seemed to be second to everything else. They did announce some titles and show off some footage, but aside from Forza, it was all third party titles that will be on PS4 as well. I imagine this will all be address at E3. I’m sure this had everything XBOX fans were looking for, but in many ways it’s what Sony already announced with the PS4. The TV features are very cool. I just hope the games are as well.


I love FREE fights! UFC is back on FX tonight. We finally get to see the 125ers in action! It’s the beginning of the flyweight tournament to crown the UFC’s first flyweight champ. It’s also the debut for top flyweights Ian “Uncle Creepy” Mccall and Yasuhiro Urushitani. The main event has great potential. Alves vs. Kampmann is sure to be a back and forth brawl! This card looks to be a solid one and I’m excited for a night of great fights. Here are my quick picks for UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann.

Court Mcgee vs. Constantinos Philippou:

I see Court taking this one to the ground and grinding out Constaninos to a Decision. Mcgee via Decision.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson vs. Ian “Uncle Creepy” Mccall:

This is my pick for fight of the night. We already know what Mighty Mouse can do at 35 in the UFC. Now we get to see him at his natural weight class. Mccall is no joke as well. He’s a tough guy and really can beat you in a lot of ways. I see this fight going to the additional round and see Demetrious Johnson winning via Split Decision. Even after the sudden death round I see this one being a toss up.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani:

This fight will not go for very long. Benavidez has too much power and I’m curious to see how much faster he can possibly be at 125. He already was a top guy at 135, I’m thinking he dominates this fight and does the same in the final. Benavidez via KO round 2.

Joe B fights are always exciting!

Tiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann:

I see this as being a pretty entertaining back and forth battle. I see Kampmann connecting on more of the shots but see Alves landing the bigger strikes. I want to say Alves takes this match by KO but I think Kampmann avoids the KO shot and takes Alves down. As they go deeper into the fight I see Kampmann keeping Alves on the ground and eventually submitting him. Kampmann via submission round 5.

Catch the prelims on Fuel TV. Here are my quick picks for those fights.

James Te Huna vs. Aaron Rosa: Rosa via TKO round 2

Anthony Perosh vs. Nick Penner: Penner via TKO round 3

Cole Miller vs. Steven Siler: Siler by Split Decision

Kyle Noke vs. Andrew Craig: Kyle Noke by Submission round 2

Tj Waldburger vs. Jake Hecht: Hecht by Unanimous Decision

Mackens Semerzier vs. Daniel Pineda: Semerzier by TKO round 2

Oli Thompson vs. Shawn Jordan: Jordan via 2nd round Submission

First Flyweight Champion?

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian Mccall

KO OF THE NIGHT: Joseph Benavidez


That’s it for me. Enjoy The Fights!

Professional Athletes That Would Make Great Wrestlers (WWE/TNA STARS ETC)

Earlier this week Tim Byrdak of the Mets broke out “Hulk Hogan“. Following up on Mike’s post “NFL Players in Wrestling” (CLICK HERE) I wanted to make a list of some athletes I think could make great wrestlers. Assuming these guys already have that athletic ability I will focus more on character/look rather than in ring skills 🙂

Brian Wilson

He’s the closer for the Giants but would be a great opener for any wrestling show. Honestly I would watch Wilson do anything (Rap, Sock Puppet Show, Brush his teeth). The guy is flat out interesting.

His beard gives him the look. His brain makes him outstanding!

Chael Sonnen

If UFC star Chael Sonnen is interested in a career in the WWE after he is done fighting i’m thinking he can have it. I could just post videos without saying a word and I’d think you’d know what I was talking about after a couple minutes. If the WWE ever goes through a rough patch in ratings, My money is on Chael Sonnen to come to the rescue. I’m sure he’ll be the most likely to get a call from Vince McMahon when his Mixed Martial Arts career is over.

“The American Gangster, The Pride of West Linn, Oregon”

Can’t just have one video of Chael.

Nyjer Morgan

Perfect guy for the Royal Rumble. He Doesn’t mind taking on an entire team.

Sean Avery

Sean Avery is easily one of the most disliked players in the NHL. He likes to fight like a lot of hockey players but he also can sting you with his mic skills. A perfect heel in the wrestling biz.

Avery plays the “Heel” well

Clinton Portis

Wrestlng has years of corny gimmicks. Now let me introduce to you, Clinton Portis.

Clinton in “Character”

 Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow (Tag Team)

Every wrestling promotion has the face or babyface good guy. How could you get any nicer than a Tag Team of Tebow and Lin? They could be “The Good Guys”. This type of  team also seems to be hated as well so it works either way!

Delonte West

People say wrestling has become more of a Soap Opera over the years. What player would have a better storyline then Delonte West? A relationship with Lebron Jame’s mom, Application to Home Depot, Being homeless during a season? Great stuff already!

“I wonder what Lebron’s mom is doing after the game?”

Anderson Varejao and Joakim Noah (Tag Team)

Both are tall and lanky basketball players with crazy hair. They might not be on the same team in the NBA but I think they’d make a pretty interesting looking Tag Team.

Twins separated at birth?

Ron Artest “Metta WorldPeace”

Google “Ron Artest”.

Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco (Tag Team)

This would make a lot of sense. Not only would they think they where better than everyone, They’d also have to deal with each others drama. Who would turn on the other quicker?

“How Cool Are We?” “People hate on us because we are better than them”

Here are some TWEETS from friends on “What athletes would make great wrestlers”:

Ok that’s it for me! Hope you enjoyed.

UFC LIVE 6 Cruz vs Johnson Predictions!

oooooh yeh! More UFC this weekend. It’s also on free tv so that’s always nice. Plus we get to see a title fight which is awesome. Will Dominick Cruz continue his title reign? Will Barry vs. Struve make it past the first round? Will Anthony “Rumble” Johnson make weight? (JK) Check out my predictions!

Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson

I can see Johnson taking two of these rounds using his wrestling but I think Cruz will be too much and will dominate on the feet. He’s too long and his angles are too good. I see Cruz taking this one convincingly. I do expect a war and some great fast paced back and forth action.

DOMINICK CRUZ, Unanimous Decision

Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve

Both guys are coming off devastating knock out loses. I see another knock out loss for Stefan Struve here. I see this being pretty one sided actually. I think Pat Barry’s power will be too much for Struve. Struve’s best shot is to take Pat down and go for the submission. I don’t see that happening though.

PAT BARRY, KO in 2nd 

Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman

Would love to see another upset from Charlie here. I don’t think that’s going to happen this time though. Both are great wrestlers so I see that canceling out the ground game. On the feet Johnson is too strong and has so much power. Plus he’ll probably weigh around 200 pounds on fight night. Not a great thing for Charlie. I didn’t pick Charlie against Rick Story either though, So I could be wrong again…


Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig

I like Matt here. I think he’s still fuming from that close lose he had against Dennis Siver (I thought he won) I see Matt grinding this one out.

MATT WIMAN, Unanimous Decision


Yves Edwards vs. Rafaello Oliveira

EDWARDS, Unanimous Decision

Michael Johnson vs. Paul Sass

SASS, Submission round 3

Mike Easton vs. Byron Bloodworth

EASTON, KO round 3

Shane Roller vs. TJ Grant

ROLLER, Unanimous Decision

Josh Neer vs. Keith Wisniewski

NEER, Submission round 2

Walel Watson vs Joseph Sandoval


FIght Of The Night: Cruz vs Johnson

KO Of The Night: Pat Barry

Sub Of The Night: Paul Sass

My WIns/Loses: 4-1

My Bonus Record (Fight Of the Night etc) 3-0

You can catch UFC LIVE 6 on Versus this saturday at 9 ET. Prelims will air on Facebook!

Enjoy The Fights Guys!

My Quick UFC 135 Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson Predictions

UFC 135 is this saturday! I’m really pumped for this. I love getting together with some buddies to talk mma and watch the fights. We’ll be enjoying our UFC with Wings and Beer at Buffalo Wild Wings! If you haven’t been there for any fights i’d advise you to check it! Here are my quick UFC 135 Predictions.

Rothwell vs. Hunt
I’m going to go with Rothwell here by Unanimous Decision.

Diaz vs. Gomi
Diaz all the way. I see him getting the Sub in the 3rd round.

Browne vs Broughton
I’m going to go with Brown via TKO round 2.

Hughes vs. Koscheck
I love Matt Hughes but I see Kos taking this one in round 2 via KO.

Jones vs. Rampage
I really hope this one goes as long as possible. I see Jones taking this one via some elbows ground and pound in round 5. Rampage has some heavy hands so he can easily end it if he lands but i’ll go with Jon Jones via TKO round 5.

KO of the Night: Josh Koscheck

Sub of the Night: Diaz

Fight of the Night: Jones vs. Rampage

Thanks for checking out my predictions and enjoy the fights!