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Solo Mode – WWF Wrestlefest (Tag Team Part 2)

The Ultimate Maniacs continue their push for tag team glory in WWF Wrestlefest. Watch me play the greatest wrestling game ever (I can’t say that enough) while I try to go through all of the 80’s wrestling trivia that I can remember. Is everything I say historically accurate? Probably not. But I bet you won’t Google it.

Solo Mode – WWF Wrestlefest (Tag Team Part 1)

There was absolutely no way that I could play WWF Wrestlefest for one 10 minute episode and be one with it. The only possible option was to make a run at the tag team championship on Saturday Night’s Main Event. It took a quick restart but I eventually got things going with the Ultimate Maniacs. Join me as I take a walk through wrestling history in part 1 of my quest to achieve tag team glory!


Solo Mode – WWF Wrestlefest (Royal Rumble)

As much as I enjoyed WWF Superstars, it does not hold a candle to WWF Wrestefest. It does everything the first one does times 100. The graphics, the moves, the gameplay. It is a perfect wrestling arcade game in my humble opinion. Watch me try to keep from giggling with joy as I play Royal Rumble mode with one of my favorite 80’s wrestlers, Earthquake! Enjoy!

Solo Mode – WWF Superstars (Part 2)

Main Event Time! The Mega Powers are the new number 1 contenders and are set to face Ted Dibiase and Andre the Giant for the tag titles I didn’t know they had in a rematch of Summerslam ’88. Andre in this game might be the first really tough boss in a video game that I remember (I never got to Mike Tyson in Punch Out!). You definitely need a load of quarters to get through these guys. Luckily I’m home and have unlimited credits. I have a good feeling about this. Enjoy!

Ghostbusters Goggles And More From Mattel (NYCC)

For the second straight year Mattel had a lot to show off at the New York Comic Con. Among their usual assortment of figurines and show exclusives was a peak of the latest addition to their collection of Ghostbusters equipment. To go along with the PKE meter and  ghost trap, you will soon be able to get your hands on the  goggles from the movie! Mattel did another great job recreating the classic look and you can expect to see them available sometime next year.

Here are some more pictures from Mattel’s display including DC, WWE, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters and the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2:

Mother’s Day Needs More Brodus Clay

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and while I want to wish all of you mom’s out there my well wishes, I specifically want to give a shout out to Brodus Clay’s momma. Here’s hoping that he actually calls her for once instead of having somebody else do it.

Seriously shouldn’t this be his time to shine? For months now, we’ve been getting Brodus and his now irritating song shoved down our throats. They least they could do is milk it to the point that the Funkosaurus is taking center stage for a day dedicated to mommas everywhere. If nothing else, they did get a short Happy Mother’s Day message in during his match on Raw.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies with babies out there and don’t forget to call your momma!

Professional Athletes That Would Make Great Wrestlers (WWE/TNA STARS ETC)

Earlier this week Tim Byrdak of the Mets broke out “Hulk Hogan“. Following up on Mike’s post “NFL Players in Wrestling” (CLICK HERE) I wanted to make a list of some athletes I think could make great wrestlers. Assuming these guys already have that athletic ability I will focus more on character/look rather than in ring skills 🙂

Brian Wilson

He’s the closer for the Giants but would be a great opener for any wrestling show. Honestly I would watch Wilson do anything (Rap, Sock Puppet Show, Brush his teeth). The guy is flat out interesting.

His beard gives him the look. His brain makes him outstanding!

Chael Sonnen

If UFC star Chael Sonnen is interested in a career in the WWE after he is done fighting i’m thinking he can have it. I could just post videos without saying a word and I’d think you’d know what I was talking about after a couple minutes. If the WWE ever goes through a rough patch in ratings, My money is on Chael Sonnen to come to the rescue. I’m sure he’ll be the most likely to get a call from Vince McMahon when his Mixed Martial Arts career is over.

“The American Gangster, The Pride of West Linn, Oregon”

Can’t just have one video of Chael.

Nyjer Morgan

Perfect guy for the Royal Rumble. He Doesn’t mind taking on an entire team.

Sean Avery

Sean Avery is easily one of the most disliked players in the NHL. He likes to fight like a lot of hockey players but he also can sting you with his mic skills. A perfect heel in the wrestling biz.

Avery plays the “Heel” well

Clinton Portis

Wrestlng has years of corny gimmicks. Now let me introduce to you, Clinton Portis.

Clinton in “Character”

 Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow (Tag Team)

Every wrestling promotion has the face or babyface good guy. How could you get any nicer than a Tag Team of Tebow and Lin? They could be “The Good Guys”. This type of  team also seems to be hated as well so it works either way!

Delonte West

People say wrestling has become more of a Soap Opera over the years. What player would have a better storyline then Delonte West? A relationship with Lebron Jame’s mom, Application to Home Depot, Being homeless during a season? Great stuff already!

“I wonder what Lebron’s mom is doing after the game?”

Anderson Varejao and Joakim Noah (Tag Team)

Both are tall and lanky basketball players with crazy hair. They might not be on the same team in the NBA but I think they’d make a pretty interesting looking Tag Team.

Twins separated at birth?

Ron Artest “Metta WorldPeace”

Google “Ron Artest”.

Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco (Tag Team)

This would make a lot of sense. Not only would they think they where better than everyone, They’d also have to deal with each others drama. Who would turn on the other quicker?

“How Cool Are We?” “People hate on us because we are better than them”

Here are some TWEETS from friends on “What athletes would make great wrestlers”:

Ok that’s it for me! Hope you enjoyed.

Wrestling Weddings for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow what better way to celebrate then to go through some of the most famous weddings in WWE/WWF history. Weddings have always been a good way to kill 10-20 minutes on TV with little to no writing necessary, and while it’s not uncommon for a regular TV wedding to fall apart, wrestling weddings rarely get the chance  to even get through the vows. Now if anyone has an objection to the following post, please stand up. If not, then I proudly bring you some of the best weddings wrestling has to offer.

Uncle Elmer & Joyce
Let’s start with what’s rumored to be the only real wedding in WWE history. This “Saturday Night’s Main Event” hillbilly ceremony had it all. Mean Gene on the organ, Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan as ushers, an interruption from Roddy Piper, brilliant commentary from Jesse Ventura, and even a foreign object falling on Joyce’s head in the middle of the ceremony (unscripted). The reception, at a barn of course, even had a guest appearance from Tiny Tim. This all gets even better with the rumor that according to Hillbilly Jim, the wedding was real.

Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon Dark Wedding
Not the most romantic ceremony in WWE history but a wedding is a wedding. This was the highpoint of the Undertaker’s “Ministry of Darkness” storyline. Undertaker had kidnapped Stephanie with the intent of forcing her into a dark marriage to please the higher power. This had all types of drama leading up to and during the ceremony, with different wrestlers (individually for some reason) running in to break it up only to be taken out by the Ministry until Steve Austin, in the middle of his Vince McMahon feud, came in to save the day. This of course led to a whole other series of events that I won’t go into here, but damn was it exciting television!

Stephanie McMahon and Test (and Triple H)
Stephanie and Test’s wedding may have been the closest to actually resembling a real wedding. Tuxedoes with sleeves, actual wedding music instead of wrestling music. Even the camera angles made it seem like it could be for real. As a wrestling fan the thing was just awful to watch. Way too long (specifically the duet in the middle of it). The highlight for me is D’Lo Brown walking down the isle as a groomsman, and needing all the will power he had to not strut down the ramp. Triple H however was quick to being us back to reality, as after drugging Stephanie in Vegas he took her to a drive-through chapel where he married her first, ultimately leading to Stephanie turning heel, and more importantly, Stephanie and Triple H starting a real life relationship (actually getting married 3 years later) that resulted in Chyna (Triple H’s then boyfiend) getting fired and McMahon and Helmsley positioning themselves as the real power couple of wrestling.

Billy and Chuck
We can throw realism right out the window on this one. This wedding got a lot of attention since it involved 2 men. This whole sequence is just ridiculous, specifically the duo backing out at the last minute claiming it was all a publicity stunt planned by their manager Rico. Needless to say, the crowd was not pleased. Bonus points however for a fantastic mask applied to Eric Bischoff. The wedding itself was a hot mess, but the ending shows how good a Smackdown vs Raw rivalry can be. If they are going to continue having these inflated rosters, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit the concept.

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
The grandaddy of all wrestling weddings! Although the Macho Man and and Miss Elizabeth were legally married in 1984, their 1991 ceremony set the standard for any wedding storyline that would come after it. I remember as a kid legitimately being happy for them. As far as TV weddings go, the only other one I can remember being this big of a deal was Luke and Laura on General Hospital. It was even the headliner of Summerslam at Madison Square Garden! “Sorry Hogan and Warrior versus Sgt. Slaughter, Colonel Mustafa, and General Adnan. You can’t be the main event. Randy and Elizabeth are getting married!” The odd thing about it is that after 7 years of marriage before this ceremony, Randy and Elizabeth got divorced a year later. Either way this wedding is easily the most memorable in wrestling history, and can also be credited with sparking Savage’s feud with Jake the Snake Roberts, who was mad at Randy for not being invited to his bachelor party. I wish I was making that up but I’m not that clever.

Mike gets a rematch with Jerry “The King” Lawler

The last time we met up with Jerry Lawler things did not go so well (see here). With the Royal Rumble this weekend it seemed like a perfect time for Jerry and myself to settle our differences in the squared circle. We needed an assist from WWE 12 to make this happen of course, but a match is a match. Enjoy

NFL Players in Wrestling

Coming off the NFL Conference title games and with the Royal Rumble less than a week away, what better time than now to go through some of the biggest moments NFL players have had in wrestling. Both the WWE and WCW have tried to incorporate athletes from other sports with varied degrees of success. Here are some of the highlights.

Clay Mathews steps in as referee on Smackdown

Coming fresh off of the Packers Super Bowl Win last year, Clay Mathews stepped in for an injured Vickie Guerrero to secure a victory for Edge on Smackdown. The Packers left no doubt of being wrestling fans all year, and this certainly capped off a hell of a run.

Steve McMichael vs Reggie White at Slamboree 1997

WCW already put former Bear Steve “Mongo” McMichael on their roster, and since he was a train wreck in the ring, what better way to make him look good and give him a decent angle by putting him in a match with Packer great Reggie White. Gilbert Brown was in White’s corner to make sure the two competitors weren’t the fattest people in the arena that night, and unintentionally distracted the ref long enough for Mongo to lay White down with a steel briefcase (because people always carry documents in those). White retired a year later. Coincidence?

Kevin Green ringside at Clash of Champions

Linebacker Kevin Greene came out on the side of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to act as enforcer against Ric Flair and The Giant. That didn’t work too well as Flair beat Savage with the help of some brass knux, but what really made this interesting was the timing. Greene was with the Steelers in 1996, and was set to play the Cowboys in the Superbowl just 5 days later. His team didn’t know he was going to appear in the show until they were watching it on TV. Whether that helped Dallas win 27-17 is anyone’s guess, but I still don’t thing Pittsburgh was too happy with their Hulk Hogan look alike.

The Giant vs Kevin Greene on Monday Nitro

WCW just loves putting football players in the ring. Kevin Greene made his ring debut in a tag team match with McMichael (who turned on him for the Four Horsemen), but this match led to Greene facing The Giant (Big Show of course) at 1998’s Bash at the Beach (the proposed tag match never happened). Greene lost but the match has some meaning as it was among the last times a football player would be allowed to compete in professional wrestling. The NFL teams started requiring “no wrestling” clauses in Greene’s contracts, and by the looks of things that became the norm.

Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania VI

When you think about football players wrestling (and I know you all do) this is the match that people usually think about. Taylor heckled Bigelow during the 1995 Royal Rumble, and Bam Bam got into a shoving match with LT ringside, igniting a feud that would culminate in the co-headline match at Wrestlemania VI. As a kid this blew me away as it was the first time I had ever seen an athlete from any other sport actually complete in a match. Not only that, but it turned lumberjack style with Taylor brining in a bunch of his NFL buddies (including White and McMichael). LT had a decent forearm too.

Art Donovan announces at King of the Ring 

This may be the greatest piece of wrestling history ever. The 1994 King of the Ring took place in Baltimore, Maryland. To gain more local interest, the WWF brought in Baltimore Colts legend Art Donovan to be a guest commentator for the entire show. Unfortunately for his broadcast partners Gorilla Monsoon and Randy Savage, Art likely just heard what wrestling was an hour before the show. The result is just magic. Imagine watching wrestling with your grandpa. Now imagine putting that on pay per view and charging 40 bucks for it. That is the 1994 King of the Ring in a nutshell. Note the number of times Art asks for the weight of the wrestlers, and how Monsoon and Savage gradually just ignore him. Enjoy.